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1 Month Follow-Up

Posted by N29, 15 March 2012 · 259 views

Today was my one month follow up on Clavaris. I visited my derm and she informed me that my progress was very good. She told me that I need to use a milder facial cleanser (Cetaphil) and not the LHA cleanser that I was using, because it was drying my face out too much. My labs were great and I will be staying on 40mg once a day and follow up next month. I am also to start using skin lightener on my spots to clear up my scarring. I had a few active breakouts on my face, one being bigger than the others. My derm said that it would be best to inject them with a little bit of steriod to prevent additional scarring. I received 3 injections on my face (=ing $94.00) Posted Image and was told that they should be gone by the weekend.

On another note......
Yesterday I had alchohol for the first time. I had 2 small strawberry daiquiris. I was a bit apprehensive about what would happen that's why I haven't had any drinks. About an hour after my last drink I got a slight headache, and woke up with a little bit of nausea.  

I forgot to pick up my prescription, so tonight will be the first night that I have missed a dose. I will post my progress in a couple of weeks.  

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