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Week 13

Posted by Novocastrian, 17 April 2012 · 244 views

Week 13

So it's my 13th week and I think I might be rid of my dreadful acne, but what's left is far worse.
I no longer get 10 pimples every morning which is heaven for me, I can now go to college without worrying about that massive cyst on my cheek...
although I do have a few pimples here and there around my body, it is NOTHING like how it used to be, I can live like this but before, It was horrible and I honestly do feel sorry for everyone who has or been through severe acne like me, It's dreadful.

I have like 3 pimples on my body which is great haha, I'm sure they'll clear up in no time! I know I haven't posted for a while but I've been extremely busy in those weeks, I was off for the easter holidays and I did a lot of stuff! :P

How my face looks now

My face is pretty much clear of acne, Roaccutane has never really dried my body out so I've never really experienced dry skin, only dry lips, my face however, is very red and irritated which I always take care to not constantly touch and irritate even further. I still however get the odd pimple which I can live with as It's a BIG difference from what I used to have... seriously, when you see pictures, you'll want to be sick. But right now my face is full of red marks and scars, if you guys have any tips on how to help my skin heal the red marks faster, I would really appreciate it :)

Back and neck

I still get frequent pimples on my back and neck so I'm positive that the skin here is taking a lot longer to work with the Roaccutane so that's something to keep in mind.

But seriously folks, once your severe acne clears up, prepare to be in for a world full of shit when you see how many scars and red marks it's left you with, It definitely leaves something to remember it by. Bastard acne. Posted Image

So feel free to comment about promoting healing for red marks and scars and thank you!

'till next time :DPosted Image

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