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2Weeks In Regimen. Any Advice?

Posted by AcneeHater, 04 February 2012 · 99 views

alright... im 2 weeks in and i dont see results yet. My face is so tight and dry that its not comfortable. iono if i should keep at it or ... someone give me some advice

Hi there. Well you've hit the 2 week mark which is usually the worse period with dry, red itchy/burning skin. Have another look at Dan's videos to make sure you're following the regimen exactly. Make sure you're not using too much BP. You should not be using more than 1 pump worth, and probably only once a day. Start to increase it slightly in week 3 but only increase it slowly. Also make sure you're putting on plenty of moisturiser and jojoba oil if you have it. And finally, also ensure you're not adding in any extra steps or products at this stage, like exfoliating. It is far too harsh and irritating on your skin. Just believe that if you follow the regimen exactly, it does work and you will get clear. The awful dry stage does end, believe me. Good luck with it all...I'll look forward to hearing about your progress.
i just realized after moisterizing my face doesnt feel dry but infact that my moisterizer with spf leaves left over residue which dries up so when i smile or something that area seems to crack and look flaky. ANY ADVICE? this doesnt happen when i use regular moisterizer but i need the spf moistizer for mornings.

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