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Almost Losing Hope

Posted by stephabella97, 26 November 2012 · 571 views

Hey guys,
it's been awhile, but that's because my skin was amazingly clear. It was beautiful haha :)
I just feel a little down right now and I wanted to vent.
Anyway, my forehead is gross and basically the whole middle of my face is too. :( :(
It's nothing too bad but it's discouraging, you know? My skin was gorgeous for a while, maybe 2-3 months straight, no pimples, no blackheads, barely any redness. I had a random honker right under my eyebrow that ended up scabbing and another one on my chin a week later.
Ok, done with being gross.
Right now, I'm using pretty much everything recommended by a derm or marketed for sensitive skin.
Cetaphil Daily Cleanser Morning and Night
Clindimycin lotion Morning and Night
Eucerin Daily SPF 30 Face Lotion morning
Cetaphil Daily face lotion (occasionally use it because I like :) )
Cetaphil cream Night
i forget the name of if but its a presciption :)
Simple Toner Night

Oh, and I'm taking medicine. Derm wanted to lower my dosage since my skin was so clear but I guess I can't. I'm definitely gonna talk to him about this at my next appt., which is in January or February. My skin is awful in the winter :(

Ok, I'm done :) haha
thanks for listening to my nonsense,

hey! so i totally know what you're going through! one thing i saw that your using is the cetaphil products. i tried those once and it seemed to make my face way worse! and i eventually had to change products. im using the Simple line of face washes and they are really good! Just a suggestion :)

And if you dont mind me asking, what prescription are you on? i've been on minocycline 50 mg but it seemed to have stopped working!! thanks!
Hi! that's weird that Cetaphil made your skin worse... I have really sensitive skin so my derm told me to use it. Thanks for the suggestion, by the way :) I've used the Simple makeup remover wipes and tried the toner but I didn't like it all that much.

I'm on minocycline 50 mg too! I take it twice a day, then he told me to go down to one, unless my skin got worse, and it has so now i'm back on two. Good luck!!

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