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Day 41 - Dry Dry Dryyyyyy

Posted by Graciemeow, 05 February 2012 · 269 views

Okay so day 41 and my skins looking really good. Initial breakout over and done with, nothing more seems to be coming up any more, i'll post a pic tomorrow where im not wearing any make up :). this is with minimal foundation
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even with foundation before hand you could see all the lumps and bumps under my skin in the sunlight. i'm really happy with the outcome so far :)
side effects : dry lips (of course, not too bad still at the moment, its managable) dry hair, dry skin on face that feels tight and looks dry with foundation at times, eczema on thetops of my arms (right arm worse than my left for some reason :/), nails keep breaking.
my sight still doesnt seem quite right. its mroe when im studying cos im english literature so i read alot of books and write alot of essays (fun -_-) so its when ive been reading and when i look away everythings blurry for a few minutes. i'll tell my derm about this though because i didnt experience this at first at all and its worrying me. and i am due another consultation soon. and recently i've noticed a slight change in my mood, i feel really tired alot of the time, wanting to sleep alot more and im abit teary. however im not going to tell my derm about this because im scared it will stop her upping my dose and i dont want to be on this med any longer than necessary. if it gets worse i will come off it my self.  other than that! its fine, going well, hopefully this'll do me for ever but, i doubt it -_-

Looking good, Grace! Glad to hear that things are improving. :)

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