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Day Ten - Jekyll And Hyde

Posted by Graciemeow, 05 January 2012 · 590 views

okay...dry lips......thats about it!!!!! one side of my face is bad still but the other has IMPROVED so much!!!!
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this is the worst of the initial breakout fading. I have no more spots coming :)
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this is my other side! weird huh?
i have also gone back to york now and im in my student house so thats why the rooms different :P hope everyones getting along okay with whatever treatment they're on :)

The progress on the left side impresses me and the expressions you make when taking pictures amuse me :P

Looking good and it all seems pretty contained which is a bonus. Once the right side heals up, you might get lucky and only have to deal with dryness and stuff instead of further breakouts. Fingers crossed!

So, back to the excesses of student life then, minus the booze? ;)
hahaha gettin abit of my "vogue" on !! my right side is a state but im hoping it will have cleared in a week! i hope so, last time i was pretty much fully cleared in a month O_O i got a few small ones now and again but nothing.
ha its fine. I am in my final year so very very busy with deadlines and exam revision, as are all my friends, so thank god none of us have the time to go out at the moment! i think this was the best time to go on as we have such a heavy workload in third year going out get pushed to the bottom of the priority pile :(
just looking back now....I dont even look like the same person here. I dont feel like this is me, even though it is.

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