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My Journey - logs on various meds/acne/treatments

Hope - Day Eight

Posted by Graciemeow, 03 January 2012 · 301 views

I'm being really impatient with accutane. i keep saying to myself come on its only been eight days but it seems to be dragging so much!! literally the only "side effects" if you could even call them that is my slighttlyy drier hair and slightly drier lips., as well as abit of an initial breakout. i feel like last time the side effects hit...

Day Seven - One Week Over

Posted by Graciemeow, 02 January 2012 · 271 views
accutane, roaccutane and 2 more...
One week in now guys and still...not much to report!! nooo!! im bein really impatient i guess :P i feel fine, the initial breakout is not unmanagable, my hair is getting a little dry now and my lips also (i notice it at night) but other than that not much more to report!! Only one week has gone by though so i am obviously not...

Day Five - Happy New Year

Posted by Graciemeow, 31 December 2011 · 297 views

Hello! still only on day 5 so nothing more to report really. My skin has become a little worse, abit dry, red and flaky in places and it has aggravated my acne somewhat but this is common.

its more my cheeks that feel red and tight. No improvment yet but its very early days still so I'm not expecting much.
I thought I'd...

Day Four

Posted by Graciemeow, 30 December 2011 · 182 views

Okay.... its a late entry but I just noticed my skins getting a little worse :( this is common for the start of the treatment though...its not smoething I experienced last time around but I was put on a lower dosage at first then (I think it was only 30mg a day and now i started on 40mg) so maybe thats why. My skin also feels a little tight and abit...

Day Three

Posted by Graciemeow, 29 December 2011 · 226 views

Okay, so, im only on day three so nothing in terms of side effects of improvment yet but i thought i'd start posting pics so you can log my progress in a visual way (much more satisfying) !
this is me pretty much back to square one - i also have no make up on (well i have mascara on, but no foundation/concealer).


Roaccutane/accutane Second Course Diary. Pictures, Tips, Advice :)

Posted by Graciemeow, 28 December 2011 · 953 views

So hi guys!!! there are alot of very helpful and informative roaccutane diaries out there now but i am on my second course so i thought i would do one about that! I'm a 21 year old female, been suffering with my skin from like a very young age or 13 which got the typical "it will clear up when you get older" replies ...it didnt. I...

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