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My Journey - logs on various meds/acne/treatments

Day...ermm..50 Something? Major Results

Posted by Graciemeow, 17 February 2012 · 195 views

OKAY GUYS! sorry i havn't been as dilligent in my blogging as i was at the begining, university is hectic T_T !! as far as my skin goes...all i can say is.. wow. even though this is my second course, so i've been on it before, i forgot how amazing this can make your skin. its soft, its clear, it looks healthy, here are just a few of the...

Day 41 - Dry Dry Dryyyyyy

Posted by Graciemeow, 05 February 2012 · 352 views

Okay so day 41 and my skins looking really good. Initial breakout over and done with, nothing more seems to be coming up any more, i'll post a pic tomorrow where im not wearing any make up :). this is with minimal foundation

even with foundation before hand you could see all the lumps and bumps under my skin in the...

Day 34

Posted by Graciemeow, 29 January 2012 · 243 views

okay so i finally managed to get my second months worth of med. my blood test results were fine, i went through a hell of alot of hassle to get the second months worth which im really pissed off about. I am paying to go private to get this med (becuase if i would of gone NHS i wouldnt of even had my first consultation yet, let alone had any accutane, plus i...

Day 31

Posted by Graciemeow, 26 January 2012 · 472 views

I caught a cold >.<!!! so im feeling really run down today (hence why my eyes are closed)

I got some huge cyst thing on my cheek about a week ago >;( !! but thats been the worst so far i think and no more after that

its too soon for miracles but im seeing effects :)...

Day 30

Posted by Graciemeow, 25 January 2012 · 180 views

Okay warning especially for girls DO NOT get waxed whislt on accutane!! and also do NOT use plasters, this seems stupid but i had my blood test yesterday and she put a plaster over the inside of my elbow and when i took it off today it ripped my skin off with it! not loads but i have a big red square mark >;( !! so my skin has thinned...

Day 29

Posted by Graciemeow, 24 January 2012 · 176 views

Just had my second blood test to check that everything is okay ! I will get the results soon and pick up my next prescription on Friday, ( assuming everything is okay) I kinda wanna up the dosage soon cos I'm dealing with it okay, I've had a few bad days where i've felt AWFUL but they've been managable. side effects are pretty managable...

Day 24

Posted by Graciemeow, 19 January 2012 · 288 views

wow guys sorry its been a while...I have been hectic with deadlines and exams!! then for some reason it wouldnt let me log on :( i stupidly managed to make two accounts for one email address (making one a whiiile ago and then forgetting I had it and making another) so this is a problem I am trying to sort out. ANYWAY.
day 24 and side effects I am...

Day.... 13? Oh God I've Lost Count Already

Posted by Graciemeow, 08 January 2012 · 161 views

i want to die. i have a bangin headache. my wisdom teeth are comin through though so maybe thats a contributer? i doubt it though. its makign me want to press my fingers in my eyes....my legs are stiff and achy. my necks stiff . i have stomach pains. dry lips aint got shit on these side effects.

Anyone Out There Who's Has Had A Second Course/further Course Of Accutane

Posted by Graciemeow, 06 January 2012 · 582 views
accutane, roaccutane and 2 more...
Okay so i just read a really discouraging blog about someone who has struggled with bad skin all their life and has tried everything , even accutane, but to no avail. two replies were off people who said that , basically, nothing could be done, that there is no 'cure' for acne. This SUCKS. is it true, really? ive heard that people who have been on a second...

Day Ten - Jekyll And Hyde

Posted by Graciemeow, 05 January 2012 · 590 views

okay...dry lips......thats about it!!!!! one side of my face is bad still but the other has IMPROVED so much!!!!

this is the worst of the initial breakout fading. I have no more spots coming :)

this is my other side! weird huh?
i have also gone back to...

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