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Age 25 And Going Through Cystic Acne

Posted by roadtoclear, 28 December 2011 · 2,953 views

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I haven't really had the need to return back to Acne.org for a few years when I got over acne. When I was 18, I broke out all over my face and struggled with finding the right skincare products and taking regular trips to the dermatologist. Since then, I've only had mild breakouts and have kept them under control. All of a sudden, I'm experiencing a whole other new kind of breakout: adult cystic acne.

For the last 2-3 months, I've been breaking out in cysts. They are large, painful, under-the-skin breakouts that take forever to go away! I've been playing around with the process of elimination to find out what could be causing this by doing some research online. I have stopped taking Norwegian Fish Oil and reduced sugar intake, especially in my teas and coffees throughout the day, while keeping up my regular skin care routine.

According to some personal/consumer reviews, it has been noticed that the fish oil seems to cause breakouts exclusively. As for sugar intake, I have read that high levels of intake can be cause of breakouts because it increases the skin's natural exfoliating process which may seem desirable to most people, though it is not. In fact, it is not because it does not allow the skin to expel impurities normally. This leads impurities (potential breakouts) to get "stuck" under the skin and thus cause cysts. Both eliminated factors have not changed my skin, so I did some more reading online.

I came across the topic of digestion problems and its link to cystic acne. I have noticed that my stomach feels bloated almost always since a teenager, but have not thought much of it. I yet have to read more on the scientific reasoning behind this, but if you would like to do some independent reading, I found the topic on livestrong.com.

I've read online that zinc and digestive enzyme supplements have taken care of cysts. Also, probiotics and digestive enzymes are especially good taken together as it ensures good digestion and good bacteria is doing its work. Think of good bacteria as the little workers in your stomach to aid in digestion.

Interestingly enough, there was a scientific study which found that probiotic claims made for Activia, the yogurt, are not justified. The ingredients (i.e. sweeteners) and cooking process (i.e. heat) of Activia actually deteriorates most of the probiotics. Needless to say, that is just disappointing because I've been crazy about Activia until now.

I've begun a daily supplement regimen based on research, which I will do a review in a month or so. It includes:

1. Zinc (Jamieson, 50 mg) with Digestive Enzymes (from GNC)*
2. Vitamin B100  with Biotin (5000 mcg)
3. Silica
4. Alpha Lipoic Acid (100mg)*

The astrixed items are targeted for cystic acne (1, 4) The other two (2, 3) are targeted toward general skin and hair health, as I have skin conditions (i.e. Eczema).

Hope this helps someone out there! If it does, I'd love to read about it in the comments!

x Leizel

I've always believed that digestion and diet play a part. Regardless of what "doctors" say. You may be on to something.
I think I might! Though I'm not the healthiest of eaters, I'm sure that there are foods that are better for digestion than others. I believe Dan has talked about the lack of scientific support for the connection between diet and acne. In my earnest opinion, digestion seems to be a link between diet and acne.

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