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My Accutane Journey As An Athlete - Week 6 & 7

Posted by Augustus46, 04 February 2012 · 304 views

Description -
I combined week 6 and 7 because nothing much happened in week 6 and I had finals. So today I got my blood test for my upcoming third month (so fast!). Really I have had seasonal allergies for two weeks now... I think eating Aprodine with Accutane made me get stomach aches so I stopped. Anyways, it's horrible and I bring a huge stack of tissue to school. In addition, I have a very strict diet because of acne and last week my friends called me uptight for it, but I guess they don't understand why I am very strict when they eat instant ramen freely. I am very excited to start my 3 month and I might combine weeks if nothing new arises. Thanks for reading!

Side Effects -
- Same old
- Shedding of one layer of skin everyday on my lips
- FLUSHING and REDNESS!!! I can bear the normal redness that makes me look a little sunburned, but I get sooooo red when I laugh or yell too hard or get angry... I am practically feel the blood flushing my face, people always think I am blushing in every situation.
- SCARRING! Alright I discovered that while on Accutane my skin scars easily and is very fragile. Even if I don't pop a large cyst, it leaves big blotch of red and dark skin that looks like it was burnt. It also takes up to 2 weeks to 1 month to fully heal.    This also applies to other areas of the body, so be very careful about injuring yourself.
- *IMPORTANT and DISGUSTING* I noticed minor bleeding when I wipe my butt, I am not sure if its Accutane hurting me or because I've been pooping much more after starting Accutane. I will keep a close eye on this issue.

Advice -
- Combination of moisturizer and Vaseline has eliminated any trace of flaking :)
- I don't recommend using Cetaphil's gentle soap bar to wash your face (it dried me up!), which is why I use it to wash my hands before I touch my face

Skin This Week -
- Few normal pimples, the huge ones I got from stressing over finals last week are gone.
- Aside from a few pimples, redness, and pigmentation my skin is in pretty good shape! People even said that it looks smooth and wanted to touch my face. However, I wouldn't let them since their hands might not be clean.

Questions -
- What type of allergy medicine is safe to use with Accutane and could be used in the morning?

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