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My Accutane Journey As An Athlete - Week 4

Posted by Augustus46, 13 January 2012 · 261 views

Description -
Hey guys I am done with month one! So I'll began by saying that this week was pleasant. I only had 1 cyst and other small pimples I can deal with. However, a new problem arose.... my skin peeling. I began by applying my moisturizer like 4-6 times a day. Then, I started applying Vaseline, a very thin layer, on affected areas which worked wonders for the faking. It says non-comedogenic but I am still testing for myself if Vaseline breaks me out or not. In addition, I have not received any joint pains, exhaustion, or severe back pain even when I ran for 70 minutes.

Side Effects -
-Dry lips (burning sensation, peeling, and cracked corners)
-Dry eyes (currently not wearing contacts on some days until I run)
-Dry skin (burning sensation and flakiness that includes my neck and earlobes)
-Dry skin (very itchy and irritating)
-Flushed face (happy because I know the medication is working haha)
- I don't know if it's related or now
  - While writing a essay this week, my vision suddenly went weird and some areas were completely white :/ Furthermore, I had a sever headache. These went away after about 20 minutes. I will keep careful tabs now on this from now on.

Advice -
- After your moisturizer if you want, apply a very THIN layer of Vaseline on peeling areas at night and morning. However, if you discover that it's breaking you out, stop immediately. I would recommend getting the real Vaseline that says non-comedogenic.
- I believe that diary does break me out. Therefore, I stopped drinking milk for awhile. However, I discovered Almond milk from Costco. It's better tasting (in my opinion), less thick, has less calories, 50% more Calcium, more of other vitamins and minerals, lactose and diary free. I suggest trying it if you drink milk frequently :).

Skin This Week -
- One cyst inside the pore on my mustache area, which hurt so much (popped it and it healed)
- small pimples here and there without any pain :)
-peeling skin!
Question -
- What type of sunscreen do you use that does not feel thick and does not break you out?

Feel free to post your advice or questions!

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