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Mini Update Of Day 28 :)

Posted by rinaranae, in During Accutane 01 January 2012 · 1,034 views

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Good day everyone,

Happy new year!!!! :) I did have some drinks last night, about five or six, but I drank lots of water because I was feeling a bit guilty for already torturing my poor liver.

Today is day 28 on my accutane, and I am still seeing more acne rise to the surface.
Yesterday I noticed three more cysts on my forehead.  Gee Whizz I just got rid of the other two.  I also have about two cysts on each side of my cheeks (near the side burn area) and let me tell ya those buggers are not fun.  They are super painful and then turn into whiteheads soon after...Good thing is I can hide them with my hair unlike the huge ones on my forehead.  I have ANOTHER freakin cyst on my jawline again.  UGH seems like my cysts have been much more painful the past week or so.  As far as the blackheads in each pore on my nose, still there.  Good news is, the pores dont look as raised and weird.  As far as any other side effects.....nothing yet.  I already have bad joints which initially worried me when starting this medicine but they seem like they effect me less now than usual.  I also forgot to tell you all that about a week and a half ago I had my blood taken and the doc called me the next day to tell me to start taking a fish oil supplement, which kinda worries me....especially since I have only been on it for about a month.  Well I have been taking two tablets every night before bed, so I hope they dont try to take me off.  My lips are a bit more dry today, not painful just gross feeling.  Even with the Aquaphor on they feel scratchy.  Okay that is all for now!

So crazy that it has pretty much been a month.  So glad it has gone fast, and I can say that I am VERY HAPPY with my results, no crazy side effects, no pain in my joints and acne is getting a tad worse in areas, but better in others!!!

Here's to a new year, and a new face that I can touch without feeling bumps all over that cause pain!!
Hope you all have a wonderful new year, we will have clear skin soon!! YYAAYY! we deserve it :)

Ciao for now,

hayyy, what drinks did you have??? I had a few on NYE ya know cos its nye :D i just wondered what everyone elses views on having a few now and again like special occasions whilst on accutane. i mean the majority of the time i stick to absoloutly nothing but on occasions like new yars eve i dont think 1 -3 drinks would hurt as long as they're not like triple vodkas or anything. im glad its started workin for you anyway! how many months are you set for? xx
I was scared about drinking on Accutane too! But luckily I was fine :)
Glad you are happy with the results so far. Cheers to clear skin and a new year!
@Gracie: I didn't have anything too crazy haha!! I am actually a major lightweight when it comes to tippin back the bottle under normal circumstances, so im extra careful now. Just an Irish car bomb and some girly shots :) And ya, I defo get it, hard to resist when its for a special ocassion, eh! (nudge nudge) I wouldnt worry about it much hun, as long as its not nightly or more than once a week typa thing! Well thank you very much, I am as well. I was told by the derm that I would be on it for the full 6 month run. I am actually taking 40mg-once a day (shnipes, I dont know if I ever mensioned that in my blog...ha) But when I called my insurance to ask if they would cover before I started they said the max time is 5 mnths, so im a tid bit confused on that! Ill ask when I go on the fifth and see what the max time is...

@Bitsy: Me too!! But my friend who was on tane twice told me that she "drank like a fish" the whole time, which made me feel better concidering it was the first time! I think im more worried about the long term damage than anything.
Cheers to that sista :) starting the new year off with great changes woot woot

PS ....I am still getting used to this site, does it automatically pop up that I have commented back to you girls? Or do I have to tag you or something? haha I figure it would show, but then I thought...well this my blog so does it still show in their notifications if my comments arent even on their blogs?