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accutane weekly review

I Have A Lot To Be Thankful For This Year, And I Have Finally Added Clear Skin To Thee List! ;^)

Posted by rinaranae, 21 November 2012 · 2,455 views
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7 months after Accutane!

All I can say is..I have the "out of sight out of mind" syndrome lately.
No acne, no researching stupid expensive makeup, or "special" face washes-just simple, clean, non-oily, soft skin that I LOVE

Its worth it, stop dwelling on the "if's" and do it, because if you hide out like I did, and...

Accutane/claravis 80 Mg Month 5

Posted by rinaranae, 24 April 2012 · 3,213 views
acne, accutane review
Why helloooo there everyone,

I am still taking Accutane/Claravis 80 mg/day

Side Effects
-dry face
-dry lips
-blurry vision
-eczema on hands

Whelp, I am finally on my last month of Accutane!!! YAY me! After my last visit with the derm, I was told that he wanted me to do a 6th month on tane. He said if I did a sixth month I'd be in the...

End Of Month Four On Accutane

Posted by rinaranae, 02 April 2012 · 1,409 views

Good day friends,

I am currently taking Accutane/Claravis 80mg/day

Side effects:
-Dry inside my nose
-a bit of eczema on the top of my hands
-blurry vision at night
-dry lips

I am doing so great on my fourth month, have to admit that it took me until the beginning of month four to clear up completely but I must say WOO WEEE it feels good....

Middle Of Month 4 On Accutane Claravis

Posted by rinaranae, 13 March 2012 · 4,079 views

Good day fellow acne sufferers,

I am now on my fourth month of Accutane (Claravis) 80mg/day
So, I went to the derm on the 6th and FINALLY they bumped me up to 80mg. Once again, a different dermatologist. I liked this one, although she made alot of "Oh how great your skin is looking" comments and come on lady, I think we both know that you have...

End Of Month Three On Accutane/claravis

Posted by rinaranae, in During Accutane 01 March 2012 · 1,810 views

Well hello there,

I am at the end of month three on Accutane/Claravis. I am still at 60/mg per day

Side Effects:
-eczema on the top of both of my hands
-Dry lips (have a minor crack in the corner that won't go away)
-Still breaking out with cysts and white heads
-Blurred vision at night
-red(sun burned look) on my nose and cheeks

My journey so far...

Middle Of Month Three On Accutane

Posted by rinaranae, in During Accutane 14 February 2012 · 1,310 views

well helloooo there everybody,

Hope you're all having a wonderful valentines day. Mines alright, as you can see instead of being out and about or wined and dined I'm here, blogging about my pimples! Hahaha!!

I went to the derm about a week ago and he said that I will be staying on my 60mg/day of Claravis. A little disapointed to be...

End Of Month Two On Accutane

Posted by rinaranae, in During Accutane 24 January 2012 · 1,641 views

Good day peeps,

I am at the end of month two on Accutane!! Wow, it has been going fast.
I am on 60mg/day

Side Effects:
-My face has been pretty red and "flushed" looking, as well as feeling hot.
-Yesterday I had a killer headache but nothing a lil Advil can't take care of
-Still going through the "initial breakout phase"...

Day 45 On Accutane (Middle Of Month #2)

Posted by rinaranae, in During Accutane 18 January 2012 · 1,679 views

Hello everybody,

Hope your all having a great day. Today is day 45 on my accutane-Claravis (60mg/day).

Not much has changed from my last post actually. My skin is pretty inconsistant as of right now. One day I will have two or three cysts and they don't last as long as they used to, then a week or so later my skin has very few white heads and...

Thee Start Of Month Numba Two!

Posted by rinaranae, in During Accutane 08 January 2012 · 1,005 views

Good afternoon everyone,

Today is actually day 35 of my journey on the Tane. I went to the doc on Thursday the 5th and nothing but good news!!! One of the things I don't appreciate much is that I won't be having the same derm every time I go for a checkup..... When I mentioned this to the derm she simply said "Oh a lot of the Accutane...

Mini Update Of Day 28 :)

Posted by rinaranae, in During Accutane 01 January 2012 · 1,037 views
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Good day everyone,

Happy new year!!!! :) I did have some drinks last night, about five or six, but I drank lots of water because I was feeling a bit guilty for already torturing my poor liver.

Today is day 28 on my accutane, and I am still seeing more acne rise to the surface.
Yesterday I noticed three more cysts on my forehead. Gee...