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Simple Products & Their Wonders!

Posted by teahbaby, 27 June 2012 · 557 views

So once again i'm back to post to update what I've been doing differently!

First off, I stopped using Cetaphil. I felt like it was more just sitting on my face then actually cleansing. I also used it in the shower in the morning so that may have caused that. But it wasn't keeping my skin clear at all. I still got pimples on my jaw line and cheeks. I also stopped using Aveeno moisturizing because someone told me it had something bad in it. It was causing like small flesh colored bumps close to my mouth and it was gross!!!

Second, I started using Simple products! I was at Walmart and noticed they had it for cheap and was thinking to myself it wouldn't work like everything else. But i was wrong! The simple products have made my face feel smooth and not aggravated like before. Even after using cetaphil i thought my face felt itchy and not under control. Now my face feels like a million bucks with Simple products. It helped dry up and old pimples and it looks like it is helping with my red scar marks.

I still take one to two zinc 50mg pills a day. Every now and then I take a vitamin but the new products seem to be helping a lot :) I feel like i can go out in public and not worry if someone is looking at my face or marks!

Any questions, ask!! Or any advice, please share!!

Glad your finding some sucess with that brand. i myself tried the moisturizer and i did like it. Didn't seem to clog at all and was very light. Which Simple products are you currently using?
How long have you been using the simple products? I was thinking about trying them out but I'm always nervous to try new products.
Good for you, Teah!

I was always wary of trying something new in case I broke out. Sometimes I did, sometimes I didn't. It's a pity these things are trial and error because we have to suffer through it, but it's great when we find things which work for us.

I've used Simple cleansing wipes before and I like those. I still have the odd pack of those handy in case I run out of cleanser. Although, ironically, I'm the opposite way around and I've seen great results with Cetaphil. I really like that and wish I'd found it sooner. It's not like washes which foam and it's so gentle to the point where I wonder if it's even working, but it much be.


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