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Living with Acne

Amphetamines And Acne

Posted by meowletsgoshop, 26 November 2011 · 977 views
adderall, ritalin, cystic acne
Hello everyone,

So about a week ago I went to my psychiatrist for my monthly appointment. I asked him to write a letter to my dermatologist that it was okay for me to go on accutane. He wrote it, no problem, but he had some interesting advice to add: switch back to concerta (my original ADD medication that I took from 2003 to August of this year). For...

Anxiety + Some Reflections

Posted by meowletsgoshop, 12 November 2011 · 384 views
anxiety, bare minerals and 2 more...
Skin Update:
So I think my skin might be better, on average today. While I still have probably 25 cysts, no new ones popped up today. Not fabulous, but I'll take it. I think I have a few new whiteheads, but honestly it's hard to even be sure. Could it be that bare minerals was the culprit after all? Maybe. It could also be that I haven't been eating much...

Intro + Bare Minerals

Posted by meowletsgoshop, 11 November 2011 · 3,447 views
bare minerals, cystic acne and 1 more...

I'm currently sitting upstairs in my bedroom, pretending to be too busy/tired to join the party going on downstairs in my house (I'm in college). In reality, the thought of going down there and showing off my acne ridden, irritated/picked face makes me incredibly anxious, and so here I am.

I have sever acne. The crazy thing is that I never...

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