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Day 25 And Worst Needle Experience

Posted by sunandsnow5, 28 November 2011 · 207 views


I don't know if anyone had their derm do a two week accutane lab work check. This first month I will have had blood drawn three times- beginning middle, and end. Well for my two week blood draw I couldn't find time until this past week due to school. I am normally fine with blood and needles, the nurses complain about my small veins yet they always...

3 Week Mark

Posted by sunandsnow5, 24 November 2011 · 133 views


Today is my third full week on claravis 40 mg and right now it is going fine besides the breakout. My cheeks are still now getting painful pustules and they are deep. The only improvement has been more with my jawline. If I do get any acne it is not severe and goes away pretty quickly. Besides the acne my only side effect is my lips drying out. Dr....

Day 16

Posted by sunandsnow5, 19 November 2011 · 73 views


My skin was pretty clear this entire week. Now I think I am starting to feel some more forming but I am just so happy to have had a relatively clear week. It makes better sense to realize that whatever breakouts will occur are just part of the healing process. My forehead is pretty smooth and I can't wait for in a few months for my cheeks and jawline...

Day 11

Posted by sunandsnow5, 14 November 2011 · 171 views

I am pretty happy to have woken up two days in a row with no more big red spot on my face! I am a bit reluctant to be fully happy though because especially in this first month breakouts are more likely and such. But for today I can be happier with my skin. It would be close to clear if these few pimples from the weekend went away. They were monsters but...

Day 8

Posted by sunandsnow5, 11 November 2011 · 112 views


Finished the first week of Claravis and nothing too overwhelming. The headaches have subsided a bit which helps a lot because finals week is less then a month away now. As for my skin it is hard to say, I am still getting the same infected spots that magically appear overnight and run their course for a week and then heal. The only difference is the...

Day 6 Of Claravis

Posted by sunandsnow5, 09 November 2011 · 565 views
accutane, claravis

My name is Kelly and I am 19 years old. A little bit of my history with acne is actually quite brief. Since puberty I was fortunate enough to avoid any severe acne and now, as I think back currently, how much I would love to have those few whiteheads that used to be my worst pimples. This past summer- June I started a generic birth control for the...

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