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Day 29

Posted by Brittonaccutane, 06 December 2011 · 385 views
acne, 29 days, claravis, accutane and 1 more...
So the days all kind of blur together now -- the changes are gradual, but they're definitely happening! Over the past few days, the blackheads have diminished greatly. Every time I look in the mirror, there seems to be less of them. About an hour ago, I decided to do an olive oil/honey treatment on my hair and scalp (the itchiness is mostly gone,...

Day 19

Posted by Brittonaccutane, 26 November 2011 · 240 views

I can't even explain how awesome it is to go out, knowing my skin looks better bare than before when I was wearing makeup. SUCH a good feeling.

Still dealing with dry lips, but they don't look awful or anything. Just a little chapped. Aquaphor has been a lifesaver so far. :)

The blackheads are being pushed out, which is basically gross -- but also...

Day 16

Posted by Brittonaccutane, 23 November 2011 · 379 views
claravis, accutane, day sixteen and 1 more...
Wow, I can't believe I'm already past the two week mark. There's nothing much new to report; the dry skin has mostly gone away, now it's just my lips that stay somewhat dry. Aquaphor and cherry chapstick (my favorite) have done a good job at keeping it under control. Sometimes when I smile, I can feel them do funny things -- almost like cracking, but not...

Day 9

Posted by Brittonaccutane, 16 November 2011 · 245 views
day nine, accutane, claravis
So today's day nine. My skin is still flaky -- not like after a sunburn flaky, but like dandruff on the face flaky. It's annoying. bla. However last night in class (one of the first days I've worn makeup since starting accutane) I reached up to scratch my nose, and it wasn't oily! So while the oil production hasn't stopped, it's definitely slowed...

Day 6

Posted by Brittonaccutane, 13 November 2011 · 425 views
day six, accutane, claravis
So today's day six... I'm definitely starting to see some side effects. Last night my nose started feeling sore and dry -- kinda like when you have a cold and blow it over and over -- nothing too painful, but definitely sore. Then today when I woke up, I noticed that my skin is starting to get all flaky, especially around my nose and mouth. Sigh.

Day 4

Posted by Brittonaccutane, 11 November 2011 · 163 views
day four, accutane
Hmm, so day four today -- haven't noticed too many side effects yet. I have still been having a headache every day that lasts all day unless I take advil/motrin (which my mom's freaking out about saying I'm gonna kill my liver for sure).
Hopefully I won't get one today. I just woke up (shh, no class today- i'm allowed to sleep in) so we'll see.

I did...

Day 2 Of Accutane!

Posted by Brittonaccutane, 09 November 2011 · 387 views
month one, accutane
Hey there,

My name's Brittney, but you can just call me Britt. Having had acne for 9 long years, I have finally decided to end the struggle and go on accutane. After waiting a month and finally finished the multiple blood tests, I got the go-ahead from my derm yesterday afternoon -- then I immediately went and filled my prescription.

I took my first...

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