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Response To Aknicare Blogs

Posted by GBloom, 09 November 2011 · 423 views

acne aknicare prevention cure
Hi guys,

After reading some comments about the Aknicare drying out your skin I thought I would respond.

This product really dried my skin out too. As my acne was so severe I initially just started to use the toner to try and alleviate my breakout and quickly. This really did dry my skin out far too much. So much so, I called the SkinMed helpline to complain (something I would never normally do).

The girl on the phone was so helpful and emphatic to my skin concerns. She explained everything to me about acne and about their products. She was highly knowledgable and truly believed in their products.

It turns out that I wasn't using the products correctly. She explained that the toner is designed to prime the skin and take the moisture out, so that when the cream is applied it goes deeper into the skin and counters the drying effects and reyhdrates and also reduces scarring. If I hadn't already had a tube of cream I probably wouldn't have bought it to try but I'm so glad I did. It really does work brilliantly and I cant live without it. When my skin is really clear I just use the Aknicare cleanser and cream and save the lotion for tough days.

So long as you use the products correctly, I would definitely recommend Posted Image

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