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Day 34

Posted by starapples, 06 December 2011 · 234 views

differin isolaz
My last Isolaz treatment was last Thursday, December 1st. It went pretty much the same as all the other times. It was my 3rd treatment.

I am actually starting to see a significant improvement in my skin. I do have 6 small whiteheads/pustules at the moment, but they are small. I noticed that I stopped getting really big inflammatory acne which makes such a huge difference! My skin for once is no longer always inflamed and sore and is now much more even and smooth. The texture is also very soft and even. My left cheek in particular is healing very quickly, more than the right, however both are significantly improved. This may sound weird, but after my really bad allergic reaction in February, I always felt like my skin was pre-maturely aging and damaged because my skin never fully healed up from the acne and the burns before erupting again in a breakout. I always looked like I had these fine lines or dehydration lines (idk what they were at that point) that really freaked me out because I'm only 22. But they've gone away too! Overall, my skin looks a lot like before I had that terrible reaction; less damaged and much more youthful and even looking again. I'm so happy to know that the damage wasn't permanent, and the acne can heal properly and much more quickly now that my skin is effectively being disinfected and deep cleaned.

I'm still using Differin every night, and while it still dries out my skin, it really does speed up clearing any spots, both big and small. I'm still really liking it and am keeping it up. I know it can take 8-12 weeks to really start working, and considering it's only been about 5 weeks, I know I should keep on.

I am concerned about a couple of smaller cysts on my cheekbones that constantly break out in and around the same place over and over again. While it looks much better and is healing nicely, I'm afraid of it breaking out again because I just really want the area to heal.

My next Isolaz appointment is next Thursday, Dec. 15. I'll keep everyone posted Posted Image

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