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Day 3

Posted by starapples, 05 November 2011 · 237 views

isolaz differin
Okay, so not much has changed since yesterday. But I am starting to breakout a tiny bit -- a couple on my chin and a couple on my cheeks. People have mentioned getting an initial breakout from both Isolaz sucking all the bacteria to the surface and Differin purging the skin. While it kind of sucks, I like the idea of purging as it means my body is expelling all this bacteria and gunk. So hopefully in a few weeks to a month or so, it will have brought everything out. Also, it could be a bit aggravated as it's the week before my period and I always breakout this week (sorry if that's TMI).

Forgot that I didn't mention that my next Isolaz treatment is on November 17th.

Also, I need to find a new moisturizer. My skin is super dry... the building I work in is air conditioned, and even though the weather is getting colder, the central heating doesn't turn on which is super annoying! So we all have space heaters under our desks which just suck any moisture that may be left. And I live in Los Angeles which is arid and dry anyway... So if anyone knows of a super intensive moisturizer for winter time, please let me know.

Besides that, I'm just quite happy at how much healthier my skin looks. Posted Image

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