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Retisol-A (Retin-A) 0.025% Tetinoin Daily Journal

Posted by acnebattlegirl, 19 December 2011 · 1,003 views
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Day 1:
Hey guys! So, I've been having acne for about 9 years, and I am currently 22. I've been on a Clindoxyl Gel regimen for many years and it seemed to work but recently I've been breaking out with these huge cystic pimples that Clindoxyl Gel can't seem to tackle alone. I have red marks everywhere. It's the type of acne that can...

I Hate Acne

Posted by acnebattlegirl, 28 October 2011 · 252 views
hate, acne
I wish no one in the world had to go through acne, this is the worst experience ever. Good luck with your respective battles everyone, we will all overcome it.

Hiding Away, For How Long?

Posted by acnebattlegirl, 27 October 2011 · 225 views
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I notice myself hiding away from the world with acne. Telling people I have an eye sensitivity which is why sunglasses need to be worn at all times when outside (even when its not sunny) - just so I can hide, Hide away from those stares of disgust. Anyone get them? Those glares, as if you have a third eye in the middle of your forehead - but in fact its...

Retisol-A Or Not. Dillema?

Posted by acnebattlegirl, 24 October 2011 · 215 views
retisol-a clindoxyl gel
Just a typical girl with bouncing hormones going through acne like all of them.. I went through this horrific phase of acne where doctors didnt even want to look at me.. Magically it all went away with clindoxyl gel - Yeah, after one full year of consistent use of course. I lived 3 good years, with no acne problems.. you know the odd pimple here and there....

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