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My acne prone brown skin!

I Have A Confession To Make

Posted by rainydayam, 14 November 2011 · 183 views
stop other topicals!
Ok, so I know that I am supposed to discontinue the use of retin a and tazorac (yes I do use both, one in the morning and one at night...my skin is that oily) and my derm did reiterate this before giving me the script, but I thought that i would continue to use it for a few weeks until the accutane kicked in.... bad idea lol today is day 5 (have not take...

5 Months And 27 Days To Go!

Posted by rainydayam, 12 November 2011 · 121 views
3rd day on accutane
So I've finally got it! 4 days ago I had my second blood draw and pregnancy test and my derm gave me 30mg to start! I've heard that ipledge was a hassel and (big surprise) it was. I tried to pick up my prescription the day I got it, but was told that I needed my username (a series of numbers) to answer question in order to get the script. So I went...

29 Days To Accutane

Posted by rainydayam, 11 October 2011 · 156 views

So I'm finally doing it! I've had acne since I was 10 or 11 and I'll be 21 in the spring. I've tried every topical under the sun and I've been on doxycycline for the last year which I started because I began to get cysts on my cheeks. It cleared up my skin wonderfully, but recently i've been having small breakouts on my cheeks again so back to my...

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