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Dermatologist Appointment Tomorrow

Posted by jessikur55, 03 April 2012 · 352 views

So tomorrow is the big day. I haven't seen Dr. Col in like two years. I FUCKING HATE HIM. He had an intern look at my face and he gave me a random medication, which I think was Doxycycline and it didn't even work. He didn' t even care. Then a month later he had me go in for no reason. After that I told my primary doctor to shove her recomendation up her fucking ass because I didn't wanna see Dr. Col. He is the worst doctor I have EVER seen. My last Dermatologist (Which I can't see because I can't afford a plane ticket to Mexico) actually helped me. He LOOKED AT MY FACE D:

I got a plan for tomorrow. I'm gonna shove a list of ever medication I have ever taken in Dr. Col's caca face and ask him for a perscription for accutane so I could be on my way. Yes, I know the risks. I hate my face. I just wanna be fucking pretty. I want to fit in. I hate my face. I hate my acne. I just wanna be pretty like my sisters and my cousins. I'm the only one with acne. At work, I'm the only one with acne. At school, I'm the only one with acne. Why can't I just take this magical pill already and fit in? My graduation pictures make me cry. I was so ugly.

Bring it, ACUTANE. I'm ready for you. MAKE ME PRETTY!

I wanna look like the girl in the picutre. That's me before my face became 3 dimentional.

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Haha your blog made me laugh. But sounds like your derm is like mines he keeps prescribing the same shit to me which was doxy and retin A but it doesnt even work for me.. i made an appoitment with another dermatologist tomorrow and imma ask her about accutane hopefully i get it and so do you =) If i dont get it imma drive to Tj and go see a derm down there lol.. But i know how you feel about not fitting in i dont work but i go to college and it sucks im suppose to be enjoying my life right now but im not.

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