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Week Eleven On Accutane

Posted by channelfloral, 07 December 2011 · 513 views

accutane progress improvements
Hello :)

Well this is definitely the cheeriest blog post so far..
My skin has NEVER looked so good!!

It's smooth, and only a few active spots :D
When I do get one and pick at it, the things just disappears within a couple of days!

No spots on my chin at all for a while now, I've just got spots on the sort of frame of my face. How can I describe this better? One by my right ear and one by my right temple, but both are covered with my hair! Woohoo!

Also. Couple on each cheek but oh welllll

I finally bought my good moisturizer so no dry skin AT ALL!

My hands are making me miserable, dry flaky red and itchy :( boo
It's winter though so I can wear gloves ;)

How are you all getting on

cf x

Hooray! :)
I am starting Accutane tomorrow!! ahh nervous :X
any tips?
Hello :)

You should stock up on really moisturising lip balms (I found a creamy one works better than a stick form)
Also moisturise your face before makeup and put on loads at night! I found that my hands got really itchy because I don't moisturise after washing them so make sure you don't make my mistake

Everything just gets dry.. that's the main thing really.

Message me if you want any more info and good luck :)

cf x
hey, so did you get an initial break out when you first started accutane? if so, how bad was it? I will be starting accutane in a couple of weeks & i just want to be prepared. :)
Hi yeah, if you read my blog you'll see about the initial breakout. It was pretty bad, good luck!

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