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Accutane Derm Appointment

Posted by channelfloral, 22 November 2011 · 392 views

accutane progress dermatologist
Hi! I had my derm appointment yesterday so let me tell you all about it

I was weighed again and as I'm the same weight he said he was happy with the dose I'm on (40mg) and then we started talking about my progress and general feelings..

I told him how I felt at a bit of a standstill seeing no improvement for the past few weeks. Also that the side effects had all stopped apart from dry lips. After hearing that he wrote me a prescription for 8 weeks on 60mg a day!! Woohoo!! Just what I was hoping for :)

He explained that all of the initial side effects will most likely return but that hopefully 60mg will give me a good boost and encourage good progress.

Apparently after week 8 I should see a very noticeable improvement (hence why the dose was upped) and that once I got a whole month completely spot free, he'll take me off accutane :)

Had a blood test today too so I'll get the results in 4 days

I'm a very happy girl

Hope you're all good!

cf x

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