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One Month On Accutane!

Posted by channelfloral, 13 October 2011 · 1,225 views

first month accutane progress
First month down! (if my calculations are correct)

Current issues are an almighty breakout, and dry skin all over.
I'm hoping this is the initial break out because I can't imagine it getting much worse than this, it's very painful and dry so I keep catching my skin Posted Image

BUT!!! I have amazing news!! Not a single blackhead on my face woohoo!
For years, every pore on my nose has had a blackhead, and I just woke up the other day and looked in the mirror and I was in complete disbelief, not a blackhead in sight!
My nose is so smooth and soft now aaahhh Posted Image

I've had a couple nosebleeds, nothing dramatic cause they're not proper ones. Just where I've scratched dry skin.

Oh and the dryness. My scalp is just grim, and my poor arms are itchy. But moisturise galore and it's controllable.
Except the face, that is certainly not controllable especially with a full face of make up for work. But then a month ago I would have moaned about makeup with oily skin so I'm just being fussy I suppose...

Anyway, hope all of you are making good progress, good luck! Posted Image

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