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Week Two On Accutane

Posted by channelfloral, 29 September 2011 · 377 views

progress accutane
Two weeks has flown by!

My skin is still pretty itchy and looks like a desert after about five hours when wearing makeup.
What I do love right now is that I don't have to blot at all, my skin just doesn't get oily (obviously) so no shiny nose at lunch time Posted Image

I've had a really flaky scalp for the past week and I have dark hair (bad combination) so I've resigned to wearing my hair up which although I really dislike, it's all fine with the hopeful prospect of good skin Posted Image

Although my active spots are still red and inflamed, and there are a LOT of them, my skin around the is much less red. It doesn't look aggravated at all and I'm literally slathering on moisturizer every chance I get.

Also if I do get a spot no matter how big, if I pick at it (yikes) it just seems to dissappear within a couple of days..Posted Image

Dry lips, still not too bad. And I'm staying out of the sun best I can along with a good sunscreen.

How are you all?

cf x

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