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6 Months After Accutane

Posted by channelfloral, 19 July 2012 · 2,003 views
accutane, progress and 1 more...
Hello hello!

It's been six months since I last posted and since I took my last accutane tablets Posted Image

I am very happy to tell you all that my skin is beautiful!!
I cannot believe how much more outgoing I am. I've always been a confident person but was a...

Only One Month Left On Accutane!

Posted by channelfloral, 16 January 2012 · 571 views


Well I only have a month left on Accutane and my skin looks amazing Posted Image

Bit bummed about having to wait a year for scar treatment because it makes your skin so sensitive Posted Image but I...

Accutane Derm Appointment

Posted by channelfloral, 03 January 2012 · 525 views
accutane, dermatologist, progress
Hello hello

Well I saw my term today and the appointment ended with 'Well I hope we don't see each other again'

He's given me another month of 60mg and told me to finish what I've got left so I'll be done with accutane in less than 2 months!!

He also said not to do anything for scarring for a good year after accutane but said in that time I...

Week Fourteen On Accutane, Goodbye Spots!

Posted by channelfloral, 30 December 2011 · 426 views
accutane, good progress
Hello everyone and goodbye spots Posted Image

I had 2 new tiny tiny pimples the other day, one of my jaw and one in the middle of my cheek and today they have both gone. My skin is smooth and blemish free.

No blackheads, pimples, spots or cysts....

Week Thirteen On Accutane!

Posted by channelfloral, 20 December 2011 · 511 views
accutane, progress
Oh hello!

Well I've been on accutane for thirteen weeks now. The last couple of weeks have been incredible, smooth soft skin and everyone at work has said how good I look Posted Image

My Grandma recently got back from a holiday and she just couldn't believe it when she saw...

Week Eleven On Accutane

Posted by channelfloral, 07 December 2011 · 516 views
accutane, progress, improvements
Hello :)

Well this is definitely the cheeriest blog post so far..
My skin has NEVER looked so good!!

It's smooth, and only a few active spots :D
When I do get one and pick at it, the things just disappears within a couple of days!

No spots on my chin at all for a while now, I've just got spots on the sort of frame of my face. How can I...

Week Ten And Higher Dose Accutane

Posted by channelfloral, 03 December 2011 · 409 views
progress, accutane
Hello and what a late post this is!

Nearly two weeks into a higher dose of 60mg and I am peeling! My goodness it's like my face is falling off.
Of course as soon as I replaced my good moisturiser I'd ran out of (used a crappy one) it's not half as bad :)

I've broken out a bit on my cheeks but that's clearing up now and my chin is smooth as silk...

Accutane Derm Appointment

Posted by channelfloral, 22 November 2011 · 403 views
accutane, progress, dermatologist
Hi! I had my derm appointment yesterday so let me tell you all about it

I was weighed again and as I'm the same weight he said he was happy with the dose I'm on (40mg) and then we started talking about my progress and general feelings..

I told him how I felt at a bit of a standstill seeing no improvement for the past few weeks. Also that the side...

Accutane Week Eight

Posted by channelfloral, 15 November 2011 · 358 views
accutane, progress, week eight
It's that time again! Hello Posted Image

It's eight weeks today since I started 40mg and I can't say there's been much difference, I seem to be at a standstill.
My skin is still incredibley smooth to touch but I'm still getting spots emerging...

Remember when a few weeks ago...

Seven Weeks On Accutane

Posted by channelfloral, 08 November 2011 · 431 views
accutane, progress
This is definitely the best week by far! My skin is so so smooth an everyone is saying how good it's looking :)

I've only had a few new spots - two medium and just a few tiny pimples that are hard noticeable!
My skin in general is looking less red every day and it just feels so much better :)

Side efffects wise my lips are just as they have been...

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