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Week 7 (And 5 Days)

Posted by Banglez, 23 October 2011 · 446 views

week 7 day 54 diane 35 retin-a clindamycin vitamin a
Alright, Well i've been on this treatment for 7 weeks and I do see improvement, my face feels smoother cause I have less bumps, and truly I dont have any other pimples besides an inside bump on my chin thats going away, 1 small one on my right cheek, and like 3 really tiny bumps with no head on my left jaw bone area. Otherwise when i feel my face it soft and smooth, now im just left with alot of scars and those are whats really the only things getting on my nerves.

I can deal with these several bumps but the scars..... there are so much and its frustrating cause it makes it look like I still have lots of acne but really its a smooth surface, there are just many scars. I really want them to fade, I would be so happy T.T. Well, for now im happy that I have less pimples and really, I should still give it 1 more motnh and a half, otherwise ill keep updating, so keep checking if your interested and please if you know something that really works on scars, please leave a comment, it would be really appreciated, I would like to be really clear by at least christmas, maybe january next year.

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