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My Use of Retin-A, Diane 35, Vitamin D and Clindamycin.

Week 12(Basically)

Posted by Banglez, 22 November 2011 · 433 views
week, 12, diane35, retin-a and 6 more...

Week 9 (And 6 Days)

Posted by Banglez, 06 November 2011 · 533 views
9th, week, 9, retin-a, tretinoin and 4 more...
First, Some advice that I found REALLY works:
If you have a pimple, and you popped it(like what i did 2 days ago), and its all red around, or maybe you didnt pop it, but its still red or inflammed in any way, what I did right after I popped it, and what you can do even if it isnt popped is get a cube of ice and put it in a wash cloth and place...

Week 7 (And 5 Days)

Posted by Banglez, 23 October 2011 · 446 views
week, 7, day, 54, diane 35 and 3 more...
Alright, Well i've been on this treatment for 7 weeks and I do see improvement, my face feels smoother cause I have less bumps, and truly I dont have any other pimples besides an inside bump on my chin thats going away, 1 small one on my right cheek, and like 3 really tiny bumps with no head on my left jaw bone area. Otherwise when i feel my face it soft...

Week 6 (And 5 Days)

Posted by Banglez, 15 October 2011 · 446 views
tretinoin, acne, treatment, week and 6 more...

Week 5 (Basically)

Posted by Banglez, 25 September 2011 · 391 views
retin-a, clindamycin, diane 35 and 3 more...

Week 2

Posted by Banglez, 12 September 2011 · 213 views

Alright So its Day 14 and my initial breakout is DEFINATELY here, the first week my skin got better but I knew the initial breakout would have to come, and here it is. Alot of bumps on my forehead and right cheek, my left cheek is mostly some scars.... and there are still the little kinda patches where the skin is a tiny bit lighter than my normal...

Day 9 (quick update)

Posted by Banglez, 07 September 2011 · 179 views

Same as before.. everythings okay, little whiteheads here and there but i'll handle it.. I have to.... Just one difference, Im seeing little lights circle spots on my forehead thats a little shade lighter than my skin color.... Weird.... Nothing to big but still.. But thats about it, a couple more bumps but im expected an initial breakout so its cool. (:

1st Week.

Posted by Banglez, 06 September 2011 · 354 views

Well I went to a dermatologist to get my acne checked out, this is the 2nd one ive been to. He asked about my period... and of course my period is really irregular so he examined my acne and said that I had hormonal acne. Same thing as the last dermatologist, except she gave me something different. He gave me Retin-A 0.0025% to put on at night...

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