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Hemp oil and other natural ways...

Acfine Cosmetics Review

Posted by MarijaGre, 29 January 2013 · 188 views
regimen, acfine, review, korean
On the late December (to be more specific - it was 29th of December), 2012, I decided to try not so known South Korean 'Acfine' cosmetics. What I'd got was three products to start with: Cleansing Foam, Moisture Skin and Moisture Lotion. It was hard at first, because there was a very little information about the products in English, but somehow I've sorted...

My Start On "natural" Remedies (Well, I Mean, Hemp (Low Thc Cannabis Sativa) Oil Products)

Posted by MarijaGre, 03 November 2012 · 821 views
hemp, oil, products, natural and 2 more...
So I decided to use Hemp oil (it's not made from Cannabis which is used for smoking). My mom tries to buy natural products, because they are cheaper and not so harsh. By the way, I heard the oils could help heal your natural skin microflora and boost immunity. I am currently using "Himalaya" Neem Cleansing foam and Cannaderm cream for...

I say hello

Posted by MarijaGre, 29 August 2011 · 172 views

My first blog entry in this site, but blogging is not unknown for me. I have been writing a diary and blogging for two or three years. Sure, then acne wasn't my problem. I was just a girl that wanted to be like every girl in the movies and in that case - have diary too. I am fighting with acne for year and a half now. But recently I feel better...

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