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Roaccutane Diary (Isotretinoin)

1 Year Post Accutane (Isotretinoin)

Posted by Godrickuk, 20 March 2013 · 535 views

Just thought I'd post as I am basically one year post accutane and thought of the people who may be on it. I have not had one spot in ages and if get one it is gone in a day. I had serious scars left so started treatment for that a few months ago.  I am on my second dermaroller treatment at Hammersmith hospital in London and...

5 And Half Months Post Accutane

Posted by Godrickuk, 09 September 2012 · 473 views

Just remembered i had this blog and used to go on this site.

I do get the odd spot now and again but main concern is scars left by accutane and am now awaiting treatment for that.
If you are going to take this medication bare in mind you can get red marks and scars but it is still worth it.

Overall I am glad i took this medication.

Roaccutane Day 117

Posted by Godrickuk, 24 November 2011 · 362 views

So it's around day 117 on roaccutane and it feels like i have been on it forever! I have seen improvement on some days but it is on and off, some good days but mostly bad days. Still have breakouts weekly, skin is extremely dry but i am not moisturising as it causes more spots. Once my face clears more i will moisturise my whole face, at the moment i...

Roaccutane Day 64

Posted by Godrickuk, 04 October 2011 · 314 views

It's day 64 on Roaccutane!
I am still experiencing the usual breakouts each day and haven't seen much improvement, if any.
My derm said after 3 months i should see a dramatic improvement so i am not really worried yet. I am over half way through and the first two months are out the way which is really good..
I have noticed that i have not had any...

Roaccutane Day 50

Posted by Godrickuk, 19 September 2011 · 340 views

Okay so i have started using a moisturizer daily in the morning and the dry skin around cysts has disappeared. However i think i have got more whiteheads from using the moisturizer but im not too sure. My face is just really bad but im letting the weeks go on and not yet looking for a real improvement. Just gonna wait it out another month and by then start...

Day 41

Posted by Godrickuk, 11 September 2011 · 211 views

Started college this last week! Feel like everyone is staring at my face the whole time :) i am 100% sure not one person in my year has a nasty blemish which they are actually worrying about, it's just awkward i can't relax around school and be myself. Can't wait for my skin to clear.

I developed a huge cyst by my nose on the left side of...

Roaccutane Day 31 (1 MONTH)

Posted by Godrickuk, 02 September 2011 · 616 views

So it's been 1 month on Roaccutane and it's gone really fast so i'm hoping next month will too..

Basically this week has been a mess, when i first saw my dermatologist over a month ago she said i would next see her in about 6 weeks time. It was coming up to six weeks the other day so i rang up as i hadn't been sent a letter to say when my...

Roaccutane Day 26

Posted by Godrickuk, 26 August 2011 · 316 views

So it's day 26! Gone soo fast.. Skin is looking bad got a huge breakout on my right cheek by my nose which all started from that huge cyst :) now other spots are on there, it's very painful so i don't play with it although it's extremely tempting!

Need some advice on a moisturizer to purchase?! anyone? i haven't got one yet...

Roaccutane Day 20

Posted by Godrickuk, 20 August 2011 · 253 views

Been a while so thought i would post!
It's day 20 and have seen some improvements, still getting acne as usual but the left side of my face has definitely cleared and not really getting many spots just left with all those nasty scars/red marks!
The right side of my face is a different story :) i have that big cyst still and lots of horrible...

Accutane Day 12

Posted by Godrickuk, 13 August 2011 · 1,144 views

Dad keeps saying my skin is looking better - less red but i keep saying it wouldn't have started working yet but then i don't really know much and it depends on an individual..

So many spots on my face including dark looking scars on my cheeks etc. Two huge cysts still which i have blamed on Accutane! I have never had a cyst like the two i...

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