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Spironolactone Day 95 & The Clear Skin Diet

Posted by maria411, 23 September 2012 · 435 views

So my skin is looking very good - ever since I started the clear skin diet I have not had one deep pimple.  Not one.  I had some tiny, tiny bumps along my jaw line but it could be KP as my derma said but I am just being overly picky - my skin is glowing and people notice.  My co-worker said I look air brushed.  Eating clean makes a huge difference - there is relationship between acne and diet - especially for the acne prone!

I am on 25mg daily of Spiro and I am going to do another month and then cut down further to 25mg  every other day and see how my skin reacts.

I kind of want to go back on spiro but I dont want to quit my anti-biotics. I just can't suffer through an IB when she takes me off Amoxil. I can't get a dermatologist to approve me for the use of both spiro and an oral antiobiotic.Posted Image
You cannot be on anti-biotics forever and they will eventually stop working. I have been on Amoxil 3 or 4 times in my life and it cleared me up for a month or two and then I continued my breakout cycle. I know I cannot be on Spiro forever but I am going to try to see the lowest dose my body can handle without breakouts. If your acne is hormonal you would probably be better off with Spiro in the long run. If acne isnt hormonal I would bite the bullet and go on Tane.

I know this is an oldddd post, but if any other ladies stumble upon this just know I too take only 25 mg of spironolactone. I am skinny, diagnosed with "lean" PCOS and the spiro seemed to work at first, now I'm pretty sure I'm going through the "initial break-out". My skin isn't too bad, just 10 or so blemishes on my face and an uneven tone. I also have unwanted hair, but hopefully 2-3 month from now this stuff will kick in again.

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