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Spironolactone - Day 58 - The Clear Skin Diet

Posted by maria411, 15 August 2012 · 552 views

Sorry I have not posted any updates.  I cannot believe I am on Day 58 of Aldactone - I started with 50 mg for the first 30 days and I found that I was too dehydrated.  I read several reviews on acne.org and makeupalley.com and most ladies taking the medication decrease their dosage when the side effects are too harsh.  So starting in month two I knocked my dosage down to 25mg.  I had two large spots around my period on my left cheek and then one or two smaller spots on my right cheek.  They have cleared up and perhaps that was my initial breakup.

I bought the book The Clear Skin Diet - it makes sense, eat clean, exercise and reduce stress will equal clear skin.  I started last week and I have already see a difference.  Loading up on Omega 3 rich foods, yoga and no dairy is making a big difference.  My skin has not looked this good in awhile.  I am going to stick to the diet for 90 days and see what I look like.

Acne is a on going battle for me but I will out grow it - everyone does.

I admire your healthy lifestyle choices...I need to get up do some of that. I have interesting diet that I am flirting with=Vegan. I am starting slowly. I bought tofu dogs, veggie burgers and Boca Chik'n patties (spicy). I eat two meals a day which are only fruit and then one serving of protein and carbs ie... a tofu dog on an organic whole wheat hotdog bun...It is helping me lose weight immensely and I have heard that a vegan diet can calm acne..my acne is under control right now but it cant hurt to eat healthy...Peace!
Thank you amoxilworx - I am trying to avoid all processed foods. I spent a mini fortune this weekend buying colourful veggies, fruit and wild salmon. I can see the difference in my skin. Good luck!

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