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Low Dose Tane Day 5

Posted by maria411, 27 March 2012 · 291 views

So my skin has really improved in 5 days.  All the bumps around my jawline are clearing up nicely and I the oil production is way down.  My lips are dry but not uncomfortably and Aquaphor is doing the trick. So hopefully within two weeks my skin will be clear but my question is "what is next for me?"  I can't be on Tane forever - I eventually have to wean off - or do I?  Can I take 20 mg a week and be clear for life?  It  would be a small price to pay for all my skin stress.

I'm so happy for you! I keep reading all of these scary accutane posts, mostly people on really high levels that are experience really intense symptoms, but you're giving me hope! I also started accutane a week ago, and have started seeing improvement as well
Keep the clear skin coming! :)
Hey Kittyclearskin - thanks for your words of encouragement. I took a peak at your blog and I know you are in College and it is really hard not to drink - but you should really avoid drinking while on Accutane. I made the mistake a few times and paid the price. Please at least just think about it.

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