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Accutane every 7 years

Week 2, Day 14 - Initial Breakout

Posted by maria411, 11 July 2011 · 158 views

It has been a rough skin weekend for me. I have bad allergies resulting in eczema on my upper eyelids, neck and ear lobes. To top that off I got two huge spider bites on my chest - they are red, super swollen not to mention ugly.

Oh as for my acne, I got what I believe to be the beginning of my initial breakout. It is on my upper left cheek bone - exactly...

Week 2, Day 9 - Skin compliment

Posted by maria411, 07 July 2011 · 117 views

My trainer this morning told me that my skin looks like it is dry which I guess is a good thing. She also told me that I have nice skin. I was shocked - but then again - I am paying her. But instead of being so negative - I will take the compliment.

My lips today are not as dry as yesterday - thank god maybe because there is no more lip skin to peel...

Week 2, Day 8 - Dermatologist Visit

Posted by maria411, 06 July 2011 · 107 views

So I went to the dermatologist yesterday I had three deep pimples - two I had extracted before and needed to be extracted again and one growing underneath which couldn’t be dealt with yet.

Its painful to get your pimples popped and drained and then injected with cortisone but I think of the fact it will go down much faster and there is reduction in...

Week One Photos

Posted by maria411, 04 July 2011 · 112 views

Here is me at week one.

I have pimples that have been injected two or three times with cortisone and they still don't go down. I also have lots of red marks which take at least 2 years to go away with my skin tone (I know from experience).

But I am trying not to focus on all that - I am going to focus on just getting better.

You might need to cut...

Week One - My Acne History

Posted by maria411, 04 July 2011 · 156 views

So here I am again on Accutane after 7 years of extremely clear skin. It started in April of this year one or two deep pimples and by June I had a face full of spots and was on Diane 35, Minocycline, Vitamin A acid 0.5% with no improvement in sight.

My History
I am a 33 year old female with persistent hormonal acne since the age of 19. My first course...

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