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Accutane every 7 years

Week 7, Day 53

Posted by maria411, 19 August 2011 · 240 views

I was able to see my Dermatologist this morning and he re-popped the existing spot and he told me that there was some dried blood in the pimple that need to get out. Sorry but that is really gross!

But on the brighter side of things the other two pimples have gone down considerably and Polysporin does help with healing and hyperpigmentation. I am...

Week 7, Day 52

Posted by maria411, 18 August 2011 · 119 views

So two of the three spots went down and I need another extraction. The Polysporin did seem to help, all three of the spots scabbed over but one still has oil trapped inside and needs a Kenalog injection. I really feel that after this last breakout my skin is going to improve dramatically - I can't explain it but I do.

I have an appointment first...

Week 7, Day 51

Posted by maria411, 17 August 2011 · 103 views

So my spots actually went down. I am not going to lie when I say the extractions hurt like crazy and like childbirth I am going to block out the pain. For some crazy reason I think my skin is going to massively improve from this point.

My doctor said 80mg is an extremely high dose for my weight of 60kg and he is hoping that I will never have go on...

Week 7, Day 50 - Dermatologist Visit

Posted by maria411, 16 August 2011 · 164 views

So I went to the Dermatologist today and he went hardcore extracting my deep pimples. It was so painful but for some reason I just breathe thru the process. Despite the pain I feel that I am going to have to go back tomorrow for another session I know my face and I know when a pimple has been properly extracted. But we will see.

The doctor mentioned...

Week 7, Day 49 - Pictures

Posted by maria411, 15 August 2011 · 200 views

I cannot believe it is already week 7. Only 13 more to go!

My little spot has turned into a large spot on my face which makes three active pimples. It is my 2nd, breakout due to my dosage increase from 40mg to 80mg - I keep telling myself. I try to look at the positives like "the rest of my skin is super soft, the hyperpigmentation is...

Week 6, Day 48

Posted by maria411, 14 August 2011 · 115 views

I am down today. I have such huge breakouts on my face today and I am having a hard time with it. They are so huge and red and I keep telling myself that it temporary and I will get better but right now I am depressed about it. I feel at 33 years old - this should be over - I should not be still breaking out. But I am and exhausted thinking about my...

Week 6, Day 46 - 2nd Initial Breakout

Posted by maria411, 12 August 2011 · 158 views

I was trying to figure out why I broke out again and it hit me - I increased my dosage from 40mg to 80mg and with that I am dealing with another initial breakout. One huge spot on my right cheek and another smaller breakout on my left cheekbone where my initial breakout was.

So I am trying not to freakout just calm down and realise it is part of the...

Week 6, Day 44 - Annoyed

Posted by maria411, 10 August 2011 · 109 views

So my dry face was getting on my nerves today and I have three active spots. I have a dermatologist appointment on Tuesday so I will have everything extracted. I have 14 weeks to go and I am exhausted thinking about it. I am just thinking I am thankful for having the resources and medical coverage to go on this drug. Thank you God - I know you are going...

Week 6, Day 43

Posted by maria411, 09 August 2011 · 93 views

I have a small bump where I had my initial breakout and I still need to have the other spot extracted. Also my eczema is flaring up which is soooooo painful - my eye lids, under my eyes, my neck and earlobes. I know it will pass but it is always so annoying when it occurs.

The Aquaphor is still working wonders on my lips which is helpful. I also decided...

Week 6, Day 42 - Aquaphor

Posted by maria411, 08 August 2011 · 178 views

So I bought a tube of Aquaphor and it has changed my life! The most unbearable thing about Accutane was the dry lips - my lips have been so sore and dry especially since the doctor moved me up to 80mg. I can see why everyone on Tane says it is a Godsend.

I have to get the pimple re-extracted the same one that has been sitting on my face for a couple...

Week 5, Day 38 - 40Mg To 80Mg

Posted by maria411, 04 August 2011 · 117 views

So my face is really clearing up, no new sore spots just hyperpigmentation from past damage. I have a slight rash on my upper arms that you can feel not see due to the dryness but it was expected.

I saw my dermatologist yesterday - my cholesterol is fine and he is going to bump my dosage to 80mg a day. Which is quite high but will dry me out...

Week 5, Day 36

Posted by maria411, 02 August 2011 · 96 views

Not much to report except the usual dry lips. A girl at work told me that my skin looked good but I still see a small bump or two as well as hyperpigmentation. I know there are bigger issues in this world - I just want clear skin - that is all :)

Week 4, Day 30

Posted by maria411, 27 July 2011 · 139 views

Skin is doing okay, lips still dry.

I still have that small whitehead on my right cheek I will wait until next Friday to have it extracted.

Week 4, Day 28

Posted by maria411, 25 July 2011 · 115 views

So my extracted pimples are completely dried up and now I just have to deal with the hyperpigmentation which should not really be an issue. I find that extracted pimples that have been injected with cortisone heal with less pigmentation than if you leave them to dry up naturally. I am sure the vitamin A cream will help with pigmentation once the doctor...

Week 3, Day 24 - Dermatologist Visit

Posted by maria411, 21 July 2011 · 114 views

So I went to the Dermatologist this morning and he extracted my initial breakout as well as the spot on my chin. It bled a lot but they are down and now scabs. I was just thinking I should make the appointments after work so I don't have to deal with a bloody face - I can just run home and give my spots a chance to heal overnight. Instead of going to...

Week 3, Day 23 - Eyebrow threading

Posted by maria411, 20 July 2011 · 104 views

I went for my second blood test this morning. Luckily no one was in the clinic sometimes you have to wait forever. I was a bit nervous about the needle - don't know why but I was but it was nothing in the end.

Tomorrow I have my dermatologist appointment with my regular doctor. I am so glad so he can extract my pimples which I have been waiting a...

Week 3, Day 21 - Perfect Skin?

Posted by maria411, 18 July 2011 · 108 views

So the weirdest thing happened the girl doing my nails at the salon told me that I have perfect skin. Huh? How can that be? I guess the Accutane is working.

I have 3 active pimples right now. The same cluster that was from my initial breakout and a small white head under my chin. I know the chin pimple is because I pluck one hair from the same spot. ...

Week 2, Day 17 - Sub par extraction

Posted by maria411, 14 July 2011 · 105 views

So my pimples didnt go down at all - good waste of $30. I need to wait until my regular dermatologist comes back from vacation so he can take care of business. My lips have been under control for the past two days.

My solution put pounds of vaseline on your lips before you go to bed. I mean an inch thick, then in the morning reapply as normal....

Week 2, Day 16 - Dermatologist Visit

Posted by maria411, 13 July 2011 · 115 views

So I went to the Dermatologist today my regular guy was on vacation and this guy didn't do quite the extraction job I was looking for. He simply injected my blemishes with cortisone he did not extract them. I know they are not going to reduce in size with this method.

I know my face and I know that these blemishes are not going away until next...

Week 2, Day 15 - Initial Breakout

Posted by maria411, 12 July 2011 · 138 views

Here is picture of my initial breakout.

My lips were so dry yesterday I was dying they just keep on peeling and peeling and peeling. I felt like everyone at work was like WTF. Anyways, trying to book an appointment with my dermatologist for an extraction of these two...

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