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Accutane every 7 years

Week 15, Day 106 - Hangin In There

Posted by maria411, 11 October 2011 · 101 views

We have been experiencing a heat wave in Toronto with summer like weather of 25C (77F) over the past few days and it has been helping with the dryness and my mood Posted Image I spent the day outside yesterday with SPF 50 slapped on my face and body and it felt good. I was extremely...

Week 14, Day 102

Posted by maria411, 07 October 2011 · 108 views

I am sitting in my office with Aquaphor slathered all over my lips, a super sore neck and upper back and feeling like I can sleep for a week. I am not going to lie Tane is getting to me. And I haven't washed my hair for a week and it is still not greasy - not one bit. I feel ugly and very uncomfortable and I am getting really tired of being so dry and...

Week 14, Day 101

Posted by maria411, 06 October 2011 · 103 views

So I am past my 100th day on Tane which means I am getting closer to the end. I have taken my medication diligently and I am committed to achiving clear skin. I went to see my doctor for my annual physical and she told me that they are seeing an increase of women developing acne later in life who are not responsive to antibotics and topicals. This is...

Week 14, Day 98 - 6 More Weeks!

Posted by maria411, 03 October 2011 · 98 views

I am approaching my 100th day on Tane. I can say it just flew by but when I think of the peely lips, itchy dry skin, eczema flare ups, muscle aches, fatigue - I can say it has not just flown by it has been a long drawn out process. I have not broken out since my second breakdown when my doctor bumped my meds from 40mg to 80mg. I am just dealing with dry...

Week 13, Day 95 - Tired

Posted by maria411, 30 September 2011 · 103 views

I am tired of taking these pills. I forgot my Aquaphor yesterday and my lips almost fell off my face - it was so painful and I am getting really tired of the whole process. I am on 20 weeks of Tane and 20 weeks is a long time for anything. I know I have six more weeks left but it is a really long time. I am thankful that my face is clearing and that the...

Week 13, Day 92 - Pictures

Posted by maria411, 27 September 2011 · 123 views

Here is a picture update.

No new breakouts just PIH from past breakouts - which can be covered with concealer. My choice - Cargo all in one concealer.

Week 13, Day 91- Products

Posted by maria411, 26 September 2011 · 132 views

So my skin and lips are not feeling as dry. I don't know why but they are feeling reasonably comfortable - one reason is when I work out and sweat it hydrates my skin for the day. I am also still using 0.025% Vitamin A cream so it is surprising I woke up with reasonably hydrated skin.I was also Murale this weekend and they had Effaclar H on sale for...

Week 12, Day 88

Posted by maria411, 23 September 2011 · 106 views

The muscle aches and fatigue has worn off - it comes and goes. I fell asleep last night at 9:30pm and woke up at 7:15am and I really needed the sleep. I also woke up with a cold sore great - I know some people blame Tane on their cold sores but I think it is the change in the weather and stress. I also decided to use my Vitamin A cream every other night...

Week 12, Day 86 - Effaclar H

Posted by maria411, 21 September 2011 · 533 views

I am still very sore from Tane, my upper back is sore and I am definitely experiencing fatique. I also realised I bought the wrong moisturizer from La Roche Posay - I bought Hydreane Riche which is for sensitive dry skin. They have a specific moisturizer for people on Accutane - Effaclar H.

It claims: 64% reduction in skin dryness...

Week 11, Day 82

Posted by maria411, 17 September 2011 · 115 views

Today I am experiencing very sore joints and muscles. No doubt because of the Tane and I have no energy either. I have had a few days like this during my treatment but it usually goes away the next day. I somehow made it to yoga class today and I worked out with weights the day before so perhaps I am pushing myself too hard. I never experienced muscle...

The Cost Of Accutane Broken Down

Posted by maria411, 16 September 2011 · 788 views
accutane treatment costs and 2 more...
People have been wondering what the cost of taking Accutane is - it varies depending on the country you live in and if have private insurance etc.

I live in Canada and I have private insurance (Drugs are covered up to 80%) and I have broken down the costs of the drug for a five month stint of the drug.

The Cost of Accutane in Canada with Private...

Week 11, Day 81 - Peeling

Posted by maria411, 16 September 2011 · 121 views

So not much to report except I have very clear skin, no new breakouts just a mini white head on my upper right cheek. I noticed when I use Vitamin A cream for two or three days in a row my skin tends to peel significantly. This is helping with the hyperpigmentation and my overall skin texture.

I read on someone else's blog that she uses wet muslin...

Week 11, Day 77

Posted by maria411, 12 September 2011 · 132 views

Week 11 - which means only 9 more weeks to go. Woo hoo! My skin is doing very well, no large breakouts and I have one mini-whitehead (so tiny to even count) on my upper right cheek. I cut my hair from the middle of my back to a bob - it was too unhealthy and dried out from colour but more from the Tane. It will grow back and I am knocking on wood...

Week 10, Day 74 - Dermatologist Visit

Posted by maria411, 09 September 2011 · 145 views

I had my Dermatologist appointment this morning and my doctor was very pleased with my progress. He said that I should not worry about any more surprise breakouts since my skin is very dry. He is also dropping me down to 0.025% Vitamin A Cream since it has cooled down significantly in Toronto. My blood tests have been great, my cholesterol has not gone up...

Week 10, Day 73

Posted by maria411, 08 September 2011 · 136 views

My face is peeling like crazy from the Vitamin A cream 0.05%. I have been on Vitamin A for about 3 weeks now and I can honestly say it is helping with my hyperpigmentation and smoothing of my skin. Since I have hardly any oil production, and I already suffered two initial breakouts on Accutane - the Vitamin A is just smoothing out my skin vs bringing out...

Week 10, Day 71 - Half Way!

Posted by maria411, 06 September 2011 · 134 views

I am officially half way thru my treatment and I am truly pleased with the results so far.

I had my blood test this morning for my doctor's appointment on Friday. My skin is very sensitive and very dry. The La Roche products have been working well but I am still peeling from the Vitamin A cream and Tane. A hanger fell on my face this weekend and...

Week 9, Day 67

Posted by maria411, 02 September 2011 · 138 views

So not much to report except that I am clear but very, very dry. The tane combined with vitamin A cream is a drying combination. I have been using my La Roche products for sensitive skin so it has been helping but there is still a high level of discomfort.

I wash my hair once or twice a week which is somewhat gross for me but there is no oil and I dont...

Week 8, Day 62

Posted by maria411, 28 August 2011 · 132 views

So I am still as dry as can be I had to buy all new cleansers and creams because my skin is just so sensitive and raw right now. Eczema under my eyes and super dry skin. La Roche Tolerane products were recommended to me by the cosmetician at the drug store and they are not bad - I honestly dont think anything would bring me comfort right now. No new...

Week 8, Day 58

Posted by maria411, 24 August 2011 · 95 views

So, I am really dry - my face, my body but no active acne. I am a bit red and raw in the face and I have been peeling which might be a good thing for the hyperpigmentation. I tried using Obagi Clear for two days and thought forget it - one thing at a time. Still using Aquaphor on my lips which has been a God send and Vitamin A cream 0.05% at night.

Week 8, Day 56

Posted by maria411, 22 August 2011 · 105 views

Okay, I am very dry - the 80mg a day has finally caught up with me. My arms and legs and of course my face. I cannot stand it, but it is what it is. I also have achy joints which I didn't have on my last two courses of tane. I am also using Vitamin A cream at night, as if I wasn't dry enough. As for new spots, none so far.

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