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Accutane every 7 years

Not Happy

Posted by maria411, 16 February 2012 · 272 views

So I went to the dermatologist this morning, he told me to return the Clarisonic stat - I will. I stopped using it for a week and intend to never use it again. So my cheeks are covered with tiny white heads and then I had two sore spots that needed to be injected. This is so disappointing after a killer course of Accutane and then to break out three...

3 Months Post Tane

Posted by maria411, 15 February 2012 · 198 views

So I am three months post tane and my skin has been pretty good. I woke up with a pimple on my right cheek - small enough to hide but big enough to have extracted. I also bought a Clarisonic and it was too exfoliating for my skin combined with Vitamin A cream - some people love it - I am luke warm about it. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow to...

10 Weeks Post Tane

Posted by maria411, 24 January 2012 · 207 views

My skin is clear but I have a tiny, tiny whiteheads on my cheeks. I am going to the Dermatologist to find out why - I have two more weeks on Obagi and my hyperpigmentation is significantly lighter almost gone. Obagi is a 12 week program so I will be glad to be done - I am looking a bit pale and have been loading up on the brozner and blush to give me some...

7 Weeks Post Tane

Posted by maria411, 12 January 2012 · 191 views

Not much to report my skin is as clear as can be. I had one small pimple on my left cheek but it went away. The Obagi is working very well and is lightening up my hyperpigmentation. I am using Retin A every night and I am on Diane 35.

One Month - Post Tane

Posted by maria411, 13 December 2011 · 280 views

So it is approximately one month post Accutane and my skin is as clear as can be. The oil is slowly returning to my skin which is great since it was so uncomfortable for so long. I have been using Obagi to lighten my hyperpigmentation and it is working slowly but surely. No more muscle aches, no more crazy dry lips - it seems like my tane treatment was...

Seventeen Days Post Tane

Posted by maria411, 03 December 2011 · 187 views

Well, no breakouts - clear smooth skin. My skin is still dry but the oil is slowly coming back - I forgot my Aquaphor this week and it wasnt a big deal. The muscle soreness is completely gone and my Dermatologist said the length of my skin being dry is an indicator of the effectiveness of treatment. So we will see.

Five Days - Post Accutane

Posted by maria411, 21 November 2011 · 194 views

My lips feel quasi normal! It has been 20 weeks since I have experienced normal lips - I applied Aquaphor twice today versus 20 times a day. I still feel a bit fatigued but it is gettting much better. I had my eyebrows waxed and they took off a thin layer of skin - its my fault I am on Vitamin A cream and I still have a strong dose of Tane pumping...

Week 20 - Last Day Of Accutane!

Posted by maria411, 16 November 2011 · 323 views

The day is finally here! I took my last two Accutane pills this morning and I am so happy to finish my course of treatment. My face is 100% clear - dry as can be but clear. I will be so happy tomorrow that I wont have to take the meds - I hope my energy level quickly goes back to normal as well as my lips and skin - oil can be a good thing...

Week 20, Day 140 - One More Day!

Posted by maria411, 15 November 2011 · 146 views

I took my pills this morning and I cannot wait for it all to be done tomorrow! The rash on my arms are back but I can deal especially with one more day of Tane. My hair was so dried out - I slept with my Morrocan Oil deep conditioner last night and I still woke up with dry hair - quasi managable but extremely dry. I promise to take some pictures this...

Week 20, Day 139 - 2 More Days!

Posted by maria411, 14 November 2011 · 126 views

I have nothing to report but I cannot believe I have two more days of Tane! My lips are very dry and peely today but I am baring with it since there are only two more days on this drug. My skin is clear as can be - I booked an Accupuncture session for this Saturday - cosmetic accupuncture is amazing for fine lines and skin tone as well as acne. But I...

Week 20, Day 138 - 3 More Days!

Posted by maria411, 13 November 2011 · 119 views

I cannot believe I have 3 more days of Tane - I made the huge mistake of drinking Friday night and I paid the price Saturday. It felt like a hangover times 100. I had one drink and it ruined me - I have to remember I am on 80mg of Tane which is an extremely high dose for my weight and acne severity. Anyways, three more days - I cannot wait - my skin is...

Week 19, Day 132 - 9 More Days To Go!

Posted by maria411, 07 November 2011 · 145 views

I made the mistake of having a beer on Saturday night and Sunday I could barely walk because of the muscle stiffness. I would avoid drinking on Accutane all together - its not worth the strain on your liver and the side effects. My skin has been so peely lately - I dont know if it Vitamin A cream 0.025% or Accutane. I cannot believe I have single digit...

Week 19, Day 131 - 10 More Days To Go!

Posted by maria411, 06 November 2011 · 146 views

So after a week of unbearable dryness it is subsiding, my arms were scaly and peeling and my face was flaking. It was embarassing to say the least but it has gone down. It took a few days - so I decided to drink loads of water and applying moisturizer a few times a day and it subsided. I am so fatigued as well - it has really taken its toll but I am going...

Week 18, Day 125

Posted by maria411, 31 October 2011 · 116 views

I cannot believe 2 more weeks and I cannot wait. My skin is soooo dry and rashy and my body is saying no more - but I have 16 more days to go and I cannot wait. No breakouts on my face but flakey, peeling skin due to the Vitamin A.

Week 17, Day 122

Posted by maria411, 28 October 2011 · 119 views

I am so dry and fatigued. My arm skin is red and flaky and I am so tired all the time. Otherwise, no new breakouts my skin is clear as can be - I am using Vitamin A cream 0.025% every evening and when I encounter just too much peeling I slap on Effaclar H in the evening as well as the day. I cannot wait to be in Week 18 it sounds so close to the end.

Week 16, Day 115

Posted by maria411, 21 October 2011 · 91 views

I am so fatigued and achy and my skin is dry and flaky. I am so ready for my Tane treatment to be over - I am coming up to 3 more weeks and I cannot wait. I have no new breakouts. I also decided not to write for awhile - its not helping me move along with the process and I really have nothing new to report. I will write if something noteworthy happens.

Week 16, Day 112 - Dry Spell

Posted by maria411, 18 October 2011 · 121 views

I am so fatigued on this medication and I am tired of being tired. My eczema is also flaring up similar to what I was going thru in Week 8 - it is painful, ugly and uncomfortable. I have dry patches on my arms and legs - I know my body is saying enough but it is coming close to the end - I keep telling myself it is ending soon. My allergies are also...

Week 16, Day 111 - One Month Countdown

Posted by maria411, 17 October 2011 · 169 views

So one month to go starting today! I cannot wait for November 16th to come around. My skin is looking clear and I cannot wait to be off this drug. I was sooooo fatigued this weekend - I constantly needed naps. I don't remember it being this bad the last time around but then again I was seven years younger - lol!...

Week 16, Day 110 - Pictures

Posted by maria411, 15 October 2011 · 108 views

I took my Week 16 pictures first thing this morning. I was hardly awake and I think it is the best time to take pictures of your skin since it is completely product free. I am surprised at how much the hyperpigmentation has gone down in my mind I picture huge red dark spots all over my face that need to be covered with concealer. In my mind it is mental...

Week 15, Day 108 - Dermatologist Visit

Posted by maria411, 13 October 2011 · 125 views

I accidentally erased my last post.

I went to my Dermatologist and he is very happy with my progress. He extracted two small spots on my left and right cheekbones. I am still on Vitamin A cream 0.025% and he recommended that I use the cream right after I wash my face versus waiting 20 minutes. He also mentioned that I have no scars just...

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