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Day 237

Posted by November121, 22 January 2012 · 170 views

My skin is looking great! The only acne I got this week was a couple of stubborn pustules below my right corner lip. It healed quite nicely though and didn't leave any red marks. Anyway, I'm not loving these red marks. At all. I don't know what I was talking about last week when I said I could barely see them with makeup. I mean, it's definitely not as bad as it was a few months ago, but its still pretty bad. Also, the huge raised scar on my right jawline is getting more raised and it's definitely not getting any lighter. How long will it take for these red marks to go away?! Side effects: surprisingly not that dry. My lips aren't too bad, my skin has a hint of oil at the end of the day, and my scratchy/dry/minimally rashy arms are healed and I didn't put any lotion on them. I can't even remember how much oil I produced on my skin before accutane. I'm scared, because I'm sure it wasn't pretty. Good luck to everyone! I hope it doesn't take you 8 months to clear up:)

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