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Day 202

Posted by November121, 18 December 2011 · 248 views

My back cracks a lot and makes weird sounds. So does my neck and knees. Hope it doesn't kill me. Forehead: clear. Oil free. No red marks. Beautiful. Nose: peeled all week. Made me look like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Scan thing on the right side. Could just be dry skin. Just pink today, less peely. Chin: acne free. Couple of pink circles that peel a bit. Slight remarks. Under chin: fading red marks. No acne. Right jawline: weird red mark is still raised but less prominent. Clear. Left jawline: no acne. Tiny red marks, hardly noticeable. Gorgeous. Right cheek: big red peely healing pimple by my nose. Calming down. It's been pussy, red and sore all week. Ew. Red all around it. Sunglasses mark still sharp, but lighter. Red marks are healing a little bit. Left cheek: weird thing on my upper cheek. Looked like a flake of skin, but I popped it. It scanned up, but now it's healing. Red marks doing a bit better. I need to stop picking my skin. Hair: dry. Eyes: dry. Lips: dry. Hands: dry. # of consecutive days without any new acne: 1. Merry Christmas!

Sorry, my iPod corrects my spelling. Remarks= red marks. Scanning= scabbing
Hi, that sounds pretty great besides the dry skin and stuff. I am 1 and a half months in and was bumped up to 60 mg last week. My skin has been doing well but I am starting to flush a lot. Especially my cheeks get very red. It is very annoying since I am pale. Did you have any experience with flushing of the face?
Yes! I didn't notice it until the fifth month or so, but it was pretty bad for a while. Luckily it's calmed down quite a bit though.

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