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Adult acne

26 Years Old With Acne

Posted by N.clare, 31 May 2013 · 1,128 views
adult, acne
I have had acne now, on and off, for 10 years. When its on its been fairly severe, when its off I still have acne mildly. I have always understood my genes were to blame as both my parents had some acne when they were young and my older sister had some. The difference was I still have my acne, and my sister knows full well her acne is down to triggers suc...

7 Weeks Of Epiduo

Posted by N.clare, 31 January 2012 · 608 views

I have had some further improvements... Its definitely getting generally better now.
My red marks are slowly fading away. I notice every morning my skin looks even better. I am getting little breakouts but they arent very extreme and my skin is getting the chance to catch up on healing the red marks. Most of the red marks are pink rather than VERY red... I...

Bad Day, Again

Posted by N.clare, 20 January 2012 · 291 views

So today my skins been so dry and flaky looking again, all around my eyes and nose. I also seem to have a lot of clogged pores around my nose and start of my cheeks. I have had a few break outs AGAIN across my cheeks :( euggh... this is all just so frustrating! I know that retinoids do seem to have good weeks and then bad, but very disheartening.


A Day Of Nothing....

Posted by N.clare, 15 January 2012 · 300 views

So yesterday I had a day off from products... Ive really cut back on most of my products now anyway apart from the Epiduo at night.
Feels very good just to wake up and get on with it... no cleansing, no make up. I didnt actually leave the house (Ive been unwell), which meant i didnt freak out about not putting on make up (my HP is that bad).
My skin...

Havent Posted In Tiiiiiiime....

Posted by N.clare, 13 January 2012 · 342 views

So I totally have been distracted by horrificnessss that was Retin A!
I had done soooo well in clearing my skin and nearly clearing my red marks when I last posted. However it went horribly wrong as about 3-4 weeks into retin a I got a terrible breakout from it.... everyone says stick with it for the 3 months, it always gets worse before it gets better...

Tried and Tested...

Posted by N.clare, 05 September 2011 · 478 views

I have been trying out different products for years, but really in the last 10months (after my acne went wacko when I came of the birth control pill) I have really tried EVERY possibility!

These are some of the things ive tried and my experience with them...

Cutting out dairy
After I heard that cows milk has hormones in it I thought it would be...

Retin A for scars

Posted by N.clare, 05 September 2011 · 423 views

Ive been doing a lot better on the acne front recently.... Im rarely getting cystic spots, when I do its usually around my period.
I think the Saw Palmetto has been very good for me. And I have also been using Progesterone cream (a natural paraben free cream by emerita) which I really like and deffinately helps keeps the spots to a minimum.

Of course once...

A few days rest... and some mint tea

Posted by N.clare, 06 July 2011 · 455 views

Right so I returned monday and have since pretty much been sleeping and chilling out. Feeling A LOT more refreshed and energized. I read on here on monday eve that someone with similar issues to me (crazy hormones and extra oily skin) has had success with spearmint tea. She was drinking about 4 cups a day. So, I have been drinking about 3/4 cups since...

After a few crazy weeks living in a field..

Posted by N.clare, 05 July 2011 · 197 views

I have Just got back from working at Hopfarm festival where I went after Glastonbury festival. I have had to live out of a tent, showering when I could... generally I used simple cream cleanser and some clindamycin cream topically and I continued to take saw palmetto and and vit d3 internally.
My diet kinda went through the window as I was being catered for...

Vit D: update 1

Posted by N.clare, 14 June 2011 · 219 views

Just wanted to observe, i feel like ive drunk a strong coffee most of the day. Quite strange, im not sure if its placebo or i genuinly have a lot more energy and excitement buzzing around. Im going to work at glastonbury festival tomoro so i guess im quite excited about that anyway.

I'll be away for 12 days so will update this again when I'm back....

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