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DKR Day 357

Posted by User01, 03 December 2008 · 228 views

dk regime
Well, I have not updated my blog in 191 days  :P , but I feel I need to post my progress with the Daniel Kern Regime. At about month 7 of the DKR my skin had cleared up, but it took a while for my red spots to begin to fade.

For the past month I have been having a few breakouts, so I am changing a few things. Today (day 357) I have about 6-7 pimples around my temples. I was using Equate Daily Face Wash up until today, but I ordered the DKR cleanser and I will be switching to that soon. I believe that it will not dry out my face as much as the Equate brand.

By the way, in my last entry I mentioned that I was going to try Paula's Choice 8% AHA, but I quit after about 12 days because I did not like the texture of the product or its effects. I just ordered Dan's AHA and I will probably be trying it soon.

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