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Days 48-51 - Claravis

Posted by MargaretLeo, 26 April 2011 · 258 views

What's new: No active pimples on face. New skin rash on underside of wrists.

My face: In the past three days my jawline has cleared up. Five or so days ago I had 5 or so active pimples on jawline, and now they're all dried up, dead and almost all gone. So that's good. The redness has gone down. And my nose isn't as bumpy anymore from blackheads surfacing. So all is well with my face! Very excited about that.

Everything else: A few days ago I noticed some bumpiness, rash-like skin on the underside of my wrists and sometimes on the top. It doesn't itch or hurt and you can only see little red/white bumps if you look closely. Wouldn't know it was there unless I felt the skin. Tried to show to Pete, and he said he couldn't see anything. So not noticeable at all. And it comes and goes. I haven't put any special lotion on the rash or treated the skin in any way - again b/c I don't notice it that much.

And then my hands just get marked up easier. Nothing serious. So for example, if I scratch my hand on something the mark is more noticable, or if I bump my hand on something sharp, the skin breaks more easily. Again, nothing serious. I just am aware since my skin was never sensitive or prone to rashes there before. And my scalp isn't as itchy.

I have my lab tests this coming Monday and derm appt Wednesday. We'll see how that goes. Nervous about lab tests as I head to New Orleans this Thursday-Sunday, and I know it won't be my healthiest of weekends...

I feel a distance b/t the blog crowd and me b/c I haven't been checking in everyday. Work has been busy and I've been traveling some, too. Hope to get back on the daily blog train when I get back from New Orleans. I hope all is well with everyone else.