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Day 25-27 - Claravis (Accutane)

Posted by MargaretLeo, 03 April 2011 · 433 views

What's new: Jawline has calmed down - do active pimples there. One active pimple on chin. Skin was really dry a couple days ago, now not so much. Lips have blisters again.

My face: Looks pretty good right now. Still red, but things have calmed down. About a week ago, my jawline was breaking out (about 6 active pimples) now, they are all on the way out (hope they don't come back). Now I just have a small active one on my chin, and one going away near my nose. Lips are dry, not peely. And then I have a couple small blisters, they don't hurt, they're just bumps on my lips. Nose is still bumpy from the blackheads just sitting there just under/on top of the skin. They're annoying - won't go away. I exfoliate my nose in the AM and that gets it smooth, but they're still there. Anyone else in this stage or past this stage? What happens next with the blackheads?

Everything else: Is great. Back doesn't hurt any more. Body isn't sore. Scalp doesn't itch (moraccon oil) and my headaches are cured by a few advil in the AM and PM. Feeling pretty good.

Had my bloodwork/lab test on Friday, and see the derm tomorrow (Monday) for the results and to get the rx for 60mg (30 / 2xday) from the doc. Hopefully that's still the plan. Nervous for an IB once my dose is upped from 40 to 60mg a day. We'll see....