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Katy and Claravis (Accutane)

Almost A Year After Claravis/accutane - And All Is Well!

Posted by MargaretLeo, 25 September 2012 · 1,913 views

I'm one of the few people who had a positive experience with Claravis/Accutane and came back to share it. I used to come to this site at least five times a day, searching for positive experiences and most often it was negative ones. Turns out, it's true what people say (in most cases) - once you have clear skin, this site washes from...

About Three Months Off Claravis - Clear Skin But Major Hair Loss

Posted by MargaretLeo, 10 January 2012 · 1,989 views

I'm off the medication, and now I'm dealing with non-stop hairloss. I've lost about 60-75% of my hair. I had a lot to begin with, so it isn't very noticable to anyone else, but I'm devistated. I've read others blogs, and I know that they've regretted their decision to do accutane/claravis b/c of hair loss. I'm at a loss. I...

4 days short of 5 Months! - Claravis

Posted by MargaretLeo, 03 August 2011 · 1,177 views
A bit disappointed in myself.

I used to read the accutane blogs on this site non-stop, maybe 5-6 times a day when I first started Claravis, and then around month three or so, my face cleared and I slowly started to not check-in as much. I'm dissappointed in myself as I feel that was a selfish move. B/c I know I used the site to read everyone elses...

Day 88 - Claravis (Accutane)

Posted by MargaretLeo, 02 June 2011 · 744 views
What's new: It's been 20 days, so in the past 20 days my face has been pretty clear. Still get 1-2 pimples on jawline once in a while, but those come and go. Everything else is still clear. Start 80mg (40x2) a day once I get my new Rx tomorrow.

My face: It's good. But derm said that since I still get 1-2 pimples sometimes that I...

Day 68 - Accutane (Claravis)

Posted by MargaretLeo, 13 May 2011 · 788 views
What's new: Couple small pimples on the chin otherwise clear. Still very tired. Very small rash on arms, not every day.

My face: A few days a go the tip of my nose was dry - I had a hard layer of skin that peeled off. And then my chin was the same way. So not flaky, just a small layer of skin came off. But that was just one day. Put...

Days 59-61 - Claravis (Accutane)

Posted by MargaretLeo, 06 May 2011 · 405 views
What's new: Three new pimples, arm/wrist rash is gone. Derm appointment and I'll continue on 60mg/day.

My face: Since I lasted posted, I've had a few small pimples pop up. One in jawline, one on chin and another between mouth and nose. They aren't bad at all, and I really can't complain. So I won't.


Day 58 - Claravis (Accutane)

Posted by MargaretLeo, 03 May 2011 · 454 views
What's new: Arm rash/dryness has gone down a lot. No active pimples.

My face: My face continues to be clear of all pimples. Just some leftover red marks in the jawline area, but they are very hard to see. Skin on face isn't dry at all. I'm using the Cetaphil facewash and Cetaphil Restoraderm lotion at night, and then Avene Milky...

Days 52-57 Accutane (Claravis)

Posted by MargaretLeo, 02 May 2011 · 655 views
What's new: Face is clear and has been for a week or so. Arms and hands are spotted with different types of rashes and bumps.

My face: My face is great. No pimples at all and not dry either. So it's smooth and looks great. Woo hoo!

Everything else: Arms are pretty bad. They're all scaley and bumpy, and then...

Days 48-51 - Claravis

Posted by MargaretLeo, 26 April 2011 · 257 views
What's new: No active pimples on face. New skin rash on underside of wrists.

My face: In the past three days my jawline has cleared up. Five or so days ago I had 5 or so active pimples on jawline, and now they're all dried up, dead and almost all gone. So that's good. The redness has gone down. And my nose isn't as bumpy...

Days 43-47 - Claravis (Accutane)

Posted by MargaretLeo, 22 April 2011 · 364 views
What's new: One big pimple and then about 4-5 smaller pimples on just one side of my jaw. Another on my lower cheek/near mouth area. Clear skin everywhere else. Itchy scalp is back.

My face: Well it's been five days since I last blogged, and it's not b/c nothing has changed with my skin. Work has been crazier. So in the past five...