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2 Weeks Of Topical Epsom Salts

Posted by Riddled, 27 March 2013 · 637 views

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As per title been using Epsom salts dissolved in hot water, in shower, instead of salt, for the last 2 weeks.
Skin very good. Face was clearing up nicely. Couple of biggish ones in hair near back of neck.
All went to shit.
New breakouts on face. - one near ear, sideburn near temple,
First spot on cheek for ages - led me to stop "experiment" - suspect it was affecting erythromelalgia so pointless if it isnt even stopping spots.
Stopping after 2 weeks because i suspect it may be responsible for worsening of erythromelalgia last few weeks, resulting in broken sleep etc. Could be coincidental as always - cause or effect etc but cba risking it.