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Bad Breakout 5Th-7Th November [Salt Scrub Causing Breakout?]

Posted by Riddled, 07 December 2012 · 564 views

Bad breakout 5th-7th November.

On Wednesday when i woke up i noticed a pre spot pain between my eyebrows, one mark on one cheek that faded quickly and one small white head on other cheek.

I then did a salt scrub on Wednesday night which i think led to a further breakout on forehead - although could be completely coincidental.

Spot between eyes got slightly raised and red but didnt come to a head and is now diying.

Bad spot appeared on forehead thursday and by today had come to a head.

Things to note.

Cardio on Tuesday - long run 40 mins+ - sweated.
Not much sleep tuesday night.
Eating a lot of microwave food.
Diet is pretty crud.
Still intermittent fasting.

Couple of baddish spots on back/shoulders as well.