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No Sleep At All Night Of Thursday 27Th September Bad Skin - 1,10,12 Onwards.

Posted by Riddled, 03 October 2012 · 549 views

No sleep at all night of thursday 27th September.

Then bad skin From this Monday [01,10,12] onwards - Very bad spots in scalp, Bad Spot[cold sore thing] on bottom corner of mouth, spots on temple

Maybe delay from no sleep.

Maybe coincidence.

I find my skin gets much, MUCH worse after lack of sleep. Makes your body work a little harder to keep going and stresses you out big time.
Yeah i agree, seems they call it Beauty Sleep for a reason. I generally feel awful and hungover without at least 6 hours sleep so i guess it's no surprise if my skin then looks awful too. I think in my case there is a day or 2 delay.