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Bad Breakout In Scalp - Maybe Shampoo Connection?

Posted by Riddled, 22 September 2012 · 1,537 views

acne scalp shampoo conditioner dove hair therapy intensive repair
Yesterday i noticed some horrific large spots in my scalp - almost cyst size - 3/4 large, inflamed, inflamed, painful to touch spots.

Today they are significantly reduced and on way to fading but i did sleep a good 9 hours for the first time in ages last night.

Things to note:

Last 2 nights i have used a shampoo i don't usually use, normally i would use somekind of dandruff type one but i was somewhere else so had no choice - one i used:

Dove Hair Therapy Intensive Repair Shampoo

http://www.boots.com...r shampoo 250ml

From the name i would guess it contains similar shit to conditioner which i know can be comedogenic etc. Also my hair was much smoother lmao.

Obviously i wont use it again - need to find some kind of other way to wash hair .

Other things to note:

Last few days, until last night, very little sleep, some fasting with exercise, general stressful lifestyle.

Today [22 Sept] i have beginning  of a cold and fell very run down so obvs last few days as taken toll on body - jut not sure if connected to breakout or not

With big cysts like those I woud ask my dermatologist for a powerful anti-biotic ie..amoxicillin or cephalexin (both generics for Amoxil and Keflex respectively) check out my regimen by clicking on this link: http://www.acne.org/...g-anti-biotics/
Hey, thanks for the advice, to be honest i'm not really considering antibiotics at the moment but i will have look into your regime, cheers.